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Hello guys, l just returned from Santorini and l found the courage after several days or weeks to write on my personal blog about my mobile phone case (THIKI KINITOY).

santorini trip

When you own a phone that costs more than 1.000 € and more or less it is the most important professional tool l have apart my brain, it is very critical to keep it secure from falling down and staying dry.

When travelling with the ferry, many times salty sea water came in gasps onboard or water from the vaporized humidity of the external bottles getting in touch with the phone.

Fortunately my phone cover that is full and l bought from Thikishop had kept my mobile office safe and intact.

santorini trip

Buy your next mobile phone case from Thikishop

With extreme support and more than 5.000 mobile cases to choose from l am sure that you will find your favourite one. The only negative point is that Thikishop is servicing only Greece.


But for all of you that you are coming on vacation in Greece and you still need extra protection for your beloved mobile phone, iphone or tabler, then think no more. With the next day express delivery you can harness the benefits of your new mobile phone cover within 24 hours from the time of the delivery.

But why your mobile phone needs a cover?

A mobile phone is like an investment and the harsh travel conditions of the islands, especially the dust and the sand from the see are making its dirty job to get into your phone and disable it.

Also another reason is for changing your old mobile phone case. lf you fed up seeing your old mobile phone case you can buy a new one with less than 10€!

See the bargains and the wide variety of thousands of phone covers and accessories!

l love you and see you soon!

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