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Day 43 – What is Virology?

July 23, 2012 | By | Reply More

What is Virology?

Virology or viral marketing is to create buzz about a brand, a product or a name and leverage its traffic through the word of mouth and other viral marketing methods.

In his great book Virology, Mike Filsaime, explains how “some of the biggest marketers online are making a killing and investing next to nothing in advertising. On the contrary, every poor Joe Somebody is trying to make ends meet and pawning the family jewels to buy more advertising!” It is very frustrating but it is like the story with the beggar and the king. Both the beggar and the king have24 hours! Do you want to become the king of viral marketing or the beggar of advertising?

In this post l am about to reveal the truth behind how I and other internet marketing elite, are focusing their efforts to infect like a virus the minds of the masses to advertise the product or services for us.  It is only about creativity and buzz.


How to infect the masses?

Is your idea fresh and new? What break through will you do with your idea? Are you grabbing attention with your sneeze idea? Are you using controversial ideas to promote your work?

The best is to create a controversial propaganda. Media specialist are spending millions to create controversial propaganda from scratch. For 30 seconds commercials they are paying thousand of dollars. l am not telling you to do the same, but to use the same concept of virology and do the same.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiZNp65QWv8


Funny creates better buzz

If you look on YouTube there are many funny videos. The number of people sharing funny videos in YouTube and other social media  is ridiculous. If you have a funny idea, maybe will make million of views if you create a video about it.


There are Taboos in 2013 and they are still selling!

Why taboos are still selling? Because they are controversial and our minds is focusing in the new and the different. Our mind doesn’t like the same thing again and again, it get’s bored.

According to Mark Hughes, author of Buzzmarketing, “an extraordinary event features at least one of six characteristics: the taboo, the unusual, the outrageous, the hilarious, the remarkable, or the secret.”


The power of storytelling Buzzmarketing

Are you telling a story that is a taboo? Unusual, outrageous or simply hilarious? Can you create buzz marketing around this story? A good outrageous story is like a sneeze! A virus can spread only by a sneeze! So stop thinking and start sneezing!


Are you creating anticipation?

Why some TV serials are breaking in the best part for commercials? Is the anticipation killing you? Movie previews are the masters of buzz building through anticipation.

How can you build anticipation for you products or service? Do you have a prelaunch stage where people can sign up or prepay?


Be inspiring!

How can your message inspire people to take action? An inspiring message its like a revolution. As every revolution, there is an inspiring leader that goes ahead and people are being moved and take action.


Tips of Successful Virus Spread

You can use the power of traditional media to start the virus outbreak, such as the telephone , the print media, a magazine, newspapers and television. It is said that if you have a website and advertise on the traditional media, you will have more possibilities for success that in using the new media only.


The internet and the new media

According to Mike Filsaime Viral Marketing and Viral Advertising especially online, is a way marketers can take advantage of pre-existing social networks to get a message out there using self-replicating viral processes, that are very similar to the way a physical virus or computer virus would spread. Viral campaigns are gaining popularity every day. The biggest problem of every modern marketer is to find new ways to keep its customer base or to find new. New ways include new technology, new social media platforms, such as Pinterest! or new technology tips such as QR code for the mobile internet devices!

The most successful viral campaign ever was that of Hotmail.com! Every message sent from hotmail.com went out with a simple link at the bottom of every email saying something like:

“Get your private, free email at http://www.hotmail.com”

The viral effect of Hotmail was very infectious and hotmail become known almost overnight!

Viral marketing is not about spamming, but to make the customers and the masses to advertize the products for you!


Delivering the Virus

How will spread the infection? Here are some ways:

1. Word of mouth, tell everybody!

2. Blogs! Starting from you own blog!

3. Email Marketing

4. YouTube and other viral video service

5. Articles and article writing

6. Forums, like the warrior forum that has killing offers!


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what is virology

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