top 20 momentum network marketing opportunitie

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Top 20 Momentum Network Marketing Opportunities

July 9, 2012 |


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Top 20 Momentum Network Marketing Companies

Momentum is always the best measure to calculate a network marketing company’s growth. Momentum is the rate of new people joining the company’s opportunity divided by the rate of attrition, the people who give up their business opportunity. The higher the Momentum the better. In order have real company growth,  you need momentum to break through the critical mass you need in order to build a large organisation. If your growth rate is lesser than the attrition rate,  then you just carrying water in a bucket without bottom.

Before the web 2.0 age, we could calculate momentum with several parameters, usually with new products launch, new business opportunity launch, new markets openings such as new countries, leadership -new leaders joining the company and the start-up leadership- and International Meetings.

Nowadays, momentum can be calculated through social signals and web site traffic.  l prefer web site traffic, because l find it more reliable than to be based on social media signals. When l like a company’s page it doesn’t mean that l join this company’s opportunity. So here is a synopsis of the top 20 web traffic ranking according to Alexa.

Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Search Alexa to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. Use Alexa’s analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development. Bear in mind that Alexa’s ranking is not an absolute meter, but a relative one that can help you in making comparisons and having a general approach to what company to follow if you are looking for a network business opportunity.

The average growth of the top 100 is 2,5 %.

High Alexa Rankings means the company main website is getting a lot of visitors and as prospects will check out an opportunity it is an indicator for momentum, growth, excitement ect.

It is not the ultimate “Truth” as many established companies have country specific websites. If your Alexa score is going “down the drain” you bet something is not going well at all, as history has learned. Consider the rankings as a fast check.

Nr. Company website Alexa ranking ww Alexa ranking USA Sites linking in 3 months growth Old Rank Difference
1 178 131 9946 98% 1 0
2 1447 4554 4412 20% 2 0
3 2319 56466 4058 16% 3 0
4 3754 1690 5745 -5% 4 0
5 (Visalus) 4417 1173 3475 5% 5 0
6 4658 7996 2296 53% New 0
7 4757 2926 3384 6% 7 0
8 5158 4853 2861 -10% 6 -2
9 5504 1181 3752 -6% 8 -1
10 6936 12150 296 -17% 9 -1
11 8639 2397 4363 -5% 10 -1
12 11067 7475 456 62% 12 0
13 11096 2324 1420 -3% 14 0
14 11183 9338 5028 1% 15 0
15 12100 8246 2151 -8% 13 -3
16 12198 2620 3330 -15% 18 1
17 12469 15018 3656 -50% 17 -1
18 12790 166226 484 -54% 11 -8
19 13580 4643 3538 -9% 19 -1
20 (Brazil) 14259 ? 1605 -2% 20 -1

As we can see the leader is Zeekrewards and Talkfuions, simply because they are internet based companies. While Avon and Amway, the two biggest network marketing companies with 25 billion dollars compound turnover for 2011, are in the 4th and 11th position respectively. This means that they need a little modernization to exploit better the new technologies for their business.

The companies that are not included, it doesnt’e mean they are not expanding ar they don’t have momentum. There are more than 6.400 network marketing opportunities, and l cannot personally track them all. Check back soon to see more about your favourite network marketing opportunity.


Which  Network Marketing Opportunity To Join?

You can see some other articles l have on network marketing, before start making your own research. You have to look up thoroughly three major factors:

1. The company. Network marketing business opportunities should be studied comprehensively before you sign up. The company should be fully transparent and fair with you about the product, coaching, and the compensatory schedule.

2. Leadership. Who they are? Are the leadership strong? When you find out how to become a leader, you’ll have a downline of people who will want to emulate your success, and that’s when you can chill out and enjoy the rewards of your work. But this will never happen unless there is a proven leadership to help you.

3. Proven System of Success. Leads and traffic is the name of the game. So before you join any network marketing business opportunities, make sure you have a clear idea and plan for how you will generate leads and traffic on a daily basis.Does the company offers a proven step-by-step system to help you do just that?  You may be surprised, even shocked to discover how simple it really is to make money when you follow a proven system of success.

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P.S. If you are looking forward to join one network marketing opportunity and you don’t know which business and which opportunity, then have a look first on my opportunity here!


To your Success,



top 20 momentum network marketing opportunitie

top 20 momentum network marketing opportunitie

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top 20 momentum network marketing opportunitie

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top 20 momentum network marketing opportunitie

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