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Day 68 -Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs

August 15, 2012 |


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Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs


Hello guys, l was wondering how a new affiliate would start picking his affiliate programs. A very good and reliable affiliate marketplace is Clickbank. In order to save you time, l have made a small research for you and l hand-picked the Top 10 Clickbank Affiliate Programs for you.

Because we are in internet business and internet marketing niche, l will evaluate only affiliate programs from that are relevant to our niche. Is that all right for you? And believe me l won’t suggest any lose weight or build muscles program.

If you don’t have a clikcbank account, you can open one now , it takes only one minute.

You will also would need and am online payment service such as Paypal. Paypal is a reliable online payment system that can be used alternatively from your credit or debit card. If you prefer not to reveal your credit card number on the internet you can use the paypal payment service.

Paypal is not only a payment to others service, but you can also transfer money from one bank account to another, or credit card. You can accept payment and you can be paid from the Clickbank affiliate programs too.


Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria l followed are:

1. Gravity score

The gravity score is a meter of how many affiliates are making money with this affiliate program at the current moment. The biggest the gravity score, the best it is.

2. $1 dollar trials

l prefer the $1 trial affiliate products for two reasons. Many of the affiliate programs are making extraordinary claims, you will make $1.000 a day! you are going to get this amount of traffic etc. If they don’t give you the chance to try if their claims are true, then you are just going to lose your money and time. The other reason is that l want to try before l buy. Curiosity is a normal human trend, but many people like me have it a bit more developed.

3. Value for money

Is it value for money? Is this $1.000 SEO course or make money online course worth it? Does the affiliate offers unique valuable content that overdelivers it s initial investment? To my surprise all of the products l suggest have one thing in common. They all overdeliver. All of them go the extra mile as Napolleon Hill used to say.

4. Personal factors

And finally the black box factors. The personal opinion or the personal feeling is the most important in the final buying decision making. The top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs is based 80% to this personal instinct which is formed from the above three factors plus the subjective personal factors.

Such as the mood l had when reviewing them, the learning curve, the problems l would like to solve with the affiliate program etc.

Here, l am trying to be as objective as l can, so bear in mind that every suggestion l make has a logical base also.

Important: There are many other affiliate programs that are great and have unique value, that l had not tried yet. By no means l don’t want to say that because l omit them they are not as good or you cannot make money with them. What works for me it would not possibly work for you 100%. So make your own research, starting with the top 10.


Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs

Here ar ethe top 10 and l use their Clickbank names, so you can find them easily.

1. Dotcomsecrets X – Internet Marketing Coaching Program

One of my favourite online step by step coaching programs. They are always improving its content and you get some extra training material from the Internet Marketing Illuminati program as a bonus. Also it has many bonuses such as the 90secondsqueezepage and one of the greatest support tools and resources l ever see. It is one of its kind.


2. Affilorama :: The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Portal

More than 80 hours of video training about internet and affiliate marketing. It has a step by step video guide, fruitful resources and a bunch of material that you need at least three months to explore. It is an affiliate marketing Bonanza!

Affilorama Offers Written And Video Lessons, Tools, Tips And Support Allowing Complete Beginners To Build Up A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch.

Also it goes with a $1 one month trial!


3. The $3 Million Monster – $128.79 Avg Commission! Lowest Refunds On CB which is aka Google Sniper!

One of the simplest, most famous internet money-making programs. You are amazed by its simplicity. Its sniper blog method is one of the best l have ever seen.

Over $3 Million In 2011. Shocking 14 Percent Refund Rate, Over $128 To You Per Sale, Massive Daily Contests, And Recurring Commissions For Life. This line says everything.


4. Traffic Blackbook – Up To 100% Commissions! Super Low Refund Rate!

This program l am testing right now, and l dare to say l love it very much. Despite tha fact that it hadn’t so many fancy graphics on the beginning as other super affiliate programs have, it is proved very resourceful.


5. Internet Marketing Illuminati

Best Selling Internet Marketing Membership Site. Amazing Conversion And Epc’s. It has Affiliate Tools and great support. It is offer by Russel Branson, the founder of Dotcomsecrets X and  Instant Traffic Systems  programs.


6. Instant Traffic Systems

High Converting Sales Video – Amazing Content Taking Over $280k Worth Of Traffic Courses And Broken Down Into Simple Traffic Systems Anyone Can Follow! It has Affiliate Tools and great support. It is offer by Russel Branson, the founder of Dotcomsecrets X and  Internet Marketing Illuminati programs.


7. Blogging To The Bank-Recurring Commissions

Blogging to the bank is one great program with recurring commissions. It is a member site and you can make a lot of money as it is one of the best for bloggers. Find new monetization method and add an extremely good program in your affiliate range.


8. Whitehat Copycat Money Making Club!

Tim Bekkers Whitehat Copycat Money Making Club! One Of The Best Sales Copies In IM History! If you want ot learn copywriting, this is the place you should start.

Copywriting is an art and one of the basic skills every internet marketer should have. Boost your conversion rate and position yourself better in the blogging industry with this extraordinary course.


9. Work From No Home

Quality Product Taking The CB Marketplace By Storm From Peng Joon And John Chow. Insane Sales Video Conversion With Epcs Of $1.15 To $3.82.

l would say that is an excellent and with no hype program. It has also good affiliate support and swipe files.


10. Imwithjamie: Real Training

Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This Offer! $3.00 Epc’s Easy! 12 Classes For $39.00 You Can’t Beat It! 50% Upsell Conversion. Try This With Members Traffic. Its An Awesome Backend Monetization Tool. Look At This!

This is the clickbank reklama, but it is true. A real classic affiliate and internet marketing program with Jamie. Give it a try!


Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs Conclusion

You could see that l always suggest internet marketing training programs. WHY? Because l believe in professional experience and professional knowledge. l think it is precious. Also l avoid suggesting super-duper mojo software for one reason. Software offers only automation.

Unless you havent’ master the basics of Internet Marketing then whatever piece of software is useless in your hand.

Keep in touch and enjoy!



P.S. Have you got your Super Affiliate Marketing e-book yet? Download your copy today for FREE!




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top 10 clickbank affiliate programs

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