the four seasons of network marketing

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Day 22 – The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing

July 2, 2012 |


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Hello Folks! How are you today? Day 4 of the 100 Day Blogging Marathon Challenge!  l am very excited to welcome you back!

Today l will touch a very painful topic for all you. That is called Prospecting or in other words to start chasing every body in the range of 100 miles! Other people call it the three-step walk, to talk to everyone in every three steps you are doing, while many have named this phenomenon as the NFL! NFL stands for No Friends Left!

There are two basic reasons for failure in multi level marketing, lack of leads and lack of money. In every seasons of network marketing you go through, you face these two problems differently.

The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing

There are 4 seasons in network marketing, the novice phase where you are always prospecting like crazy and many will turn you down. In this season is the 97% of the network marketing nation. At this season, duplication is very difficult, your hot market leads are not targeted, your success rate is less than 5 per cent, sometimes is 1 or 2 per cent. Frustration is your best friend, while your upline diamond, that built the business with the old school methods is making fun of you! Only a small percentage of people can walk through this season, atrocity eats them alive!

The second phase is called Direct Marketing Strategies, when you are starting generating leads through advertising, on local or on online media such as newspapers, classifieds, drop cards, leaflets, stickers, bulletin boards, business cards, billboards, outdoor advertising, car advertising, etc. If you reach to this point, then you are in the top 3% per center of the industry, again money is still an issue for expanding your business. Moreover you development model is not scalable. Network Marketing is scalable, but the two first ways of building it is not scalable! Why ? Because you are not scalable, duplication is a matter of statistics and your leads are of low quality. It is like you are in your teens. You are a teenager of network marketing!

The third phase is the phase of maturity. You understand that you are not a superman! You can’t be anywhere, you have only 24 hours, and you can get consumed during the process. You are spending more than you are making with your opportunity, you want to give up but deep inside you there is something more than hope, that says to you there is another way to succeed. How do l know that? Because l have been there! Procrastination starts to submit you , fear and discouragement. Until you discover another new concept Attraction Marketing! Your eyes are shining again! Is attraction marketing the solution to all your lead generation problems? The top 1 per cent has the guts to reach this level. You stop chasing people and you are hunted instead of being the hunter! Money pour in easily in your opportunity, you are a success! Personal life restores and you see your dreams come true! Passive online income is coming in your bank account while you are sleeping.

The fourth seasons of network marketing is only for the Elite. Only the top 1 per thousand or less, l could say 1 for every 10.000 people are enlightened enough to Reach the this level. There are the Network Marketing Superstars, they fill stadiums of people and they recruit without doing anything. Every new business they start, there is a huge tank of followers that join them. They have a luxury lifestyle that anyone is dreaming! They are in the media, in lifestyle magazine, they write books, they make dvd’ s, webinars. They are the mentors for the masters. This season is the post maturity or the golden years!


Personal Testimonial

Do you feel connected with one of the four seasons of netwokr marketing? Where do you find yourself? are you in maturity or still a kid? Where do you position yourself? If you want to know the steps to walk away the rat race of the two first seasons, plese join my inner circle.

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the four seasons of network marketing

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As he claims, this online business opportunity is exactly the perfect business that he have been waiting the last 9 years.

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