The best vacation in the Greek Islands with my new American Friends


Hi guys, after 20 years of no vacations or little vacations, l decided to make the big step and took 9 days of to visit Milos.

l went there alone, as l wanted to reunite with people l knew 20 years ago when l was working as l waiter in the 90s. Milos is an island on Cyclades with remarkable beaches, white churches and a very active daily life. Nightlife is dead on the island.

Also the 90% to 95% of the tourists there are couples, lesbian coules, gay couples and families. So wenting there alone, meant that the chances to meet someone else would be minimal.

l met people all over the globe!


Joining a trip round to Milos, l met three American guys, Sam from Atlanta and Alex and Nica from New York. We had a fantastic time and after living the island everyone thought that maybe next year in 2020 it will be a reunion or something similar.

For me it was a great experience and a super great chance to practice my american english, as l had not used many of my english vocabulary for more than 10 to 20 years! l used words l haven’t used them since Uni.


I thought to buy them some traditional greek food would be a great idea and a German girl, Lora from Munich joined the company. This was one of the most super greek fat hospitality and then we went dancing on the local festival of the Assumption of Mother Mary in the old capital of the island, Zefyria.

Not to mention that the greek dancing skills of Sam and Alex was better than mine, especially in Ikariotikos, a green light for me to improve my traditional dancing skills.

Quite a good learning experience as l decided to focus on the international SEO market and especially the american and the New York SEO market, keeping my base in Greece, where the great life is.

Thank you guys for this!



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    Thank you for making our milos trip the best and most memorable! And who would have thought that you hadn’t practiced English in that long!

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      John Divramis

      Thank you Nika for your comment and for becoming accidentaly my english practise buddy…Ms Russia? Is that a title from a modeling event?

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