Ten Tips For Effective Goal Setting


When l started my business career, l used to study a lot of books, l took a speed reading course and l jump started myself speadreading 30-40 nooks a months, without changing my reading time, with just one or two hours per day! This was a relief for me, because books was starting to crowd my home, and l didn’t have the time to read them all. It was a period of high personal development and frustration.

The book that took my attention this period of time was Brian Tracy’ Goals! Great book, l read it several times, l don’t remember, maybe ten times!

1. l start writing my goals in a A4 piece of paper, l prefer a workbook, so to write more than one page. l like the big notepads, and l don’t use my pc or Ipad or something else. Ipad is a must, we can use it or MS word, our goals is like a live journal.

2. l put on some classical music that makes me relax and lower the mind frequency to work on a lower more creative frequency.

3. l write all my goals at once, it may take me three hours, bu l write them all in present tense, such as l am earning 1.500.000 € a year!

4. l write a goal list of 100 goals! that is important to energize your subconscious power, it is like an automatic writing method. l leve myself to use the  free associations. In which l jot down my  thoughts without reservation and make no attempt to concentrate while doing so. This will help you to write your goals in every detail, you need to describe how your life would be, What are your passions? What are your desires?

5. After doing that, we need to categorize your goals in five or six big categories, such as Family, Professional, personal, financial, spiritual, make goal teams and rewrite your goals again. See what category is the most important for you. Th is would be by the time the most popular! Try to avoid a monopoly of goals! You need to have at least one goals in every category.

6. Then you have to figure out which goal is more important for you. First which goal for every category and then which category or which goal is the major one? And achieving this goal, you would create a chain reaction in your life, you would achieve other secondary goals, change your life and you would feel relaxed and self realized. For instance, if you achieve a major goal, then many other secondary and dependent goals from the major one will automatically be a reality for you.

Chain reactions are happening to our life every day. The AHA moments are chain reaction. Sometimes many things should have to change in order a goal to happen. AT first we can’t understand the universe dynamics of the subliminal changes, but we don’t have to resist. We need to let ourselves attract our goals. Goals are matter and we can attract them rather chase them.

7. Moreover, if you have made your mind of what your major goal is, then pick it up and write how would you feel if this goal would come true. Then how your life would be, write an essay about your ideal situation. How would be your ideal day in your life! Start it as science fiction! Whatever you conceive, you can achieve, stretch your mind to conceive and believe it.

8. Rewrite your goals every day on the A4 notepad. Write your goals by hand, not on computer when you are in the phase of rewriting them. Notice as the days are passing, the real wants in life are repeating, these are your real goals, whatever you wrote before it was just an illusion, if you watch too much television then you have a lot of illusions of what you really want. After you have rewrite your goals again and again every day, then take the most important for you, the pattern that is repeating and write them clearly on paper. Pick 10-20 major goals and make a declaration with them to read them every day.  However, keep writing your goals during the year to see the changes.

9. The language you should use is the present tense or the perfect tense, and the verbs Be, Do, Have, l have succeed, l am making so much money a month. Be specific, concentrate on personalization of your goal and don’t put barriers on your self. A goal should be a bit challenging and a bit close to you. If you can’t feel connected with your goals, then they are not goals. They are fictional wants or ego bursts.

10. The last tip is Visualization! Visualize your goals, recreate the colours, the feeling the smells of success of fulfilment. How it would if you would go to Santorini on vacations? How would be to eat in your favourite restaurant? How it would be to win and celebrate? Is this feeling unique? Keep this feeling in yourself, it is the feeling of the champions! Then you should enrich your goals with pictures and build your vision board!


How to build your own vision board and put your goals on

Is it awesome? Yes, since its powerful, as people say one picture, a thousand words, imagine to have over 40 pictures l have on my Vision Board! It is like 40.000 words! If you have a 100 pictures? Then you have a whole language, a whole new tongue that is universal, the same to every human being. Just picture this: Instead of watching tv and the news every day and as a result be the stone part of another man’s dream, watch and build your own dreams by making the first baby step!

Get up, collect some pictures from the internet or from luxury magazines and start making your own collage. So if you have only 10 or a hundred of goals, you need to create ten or a hundred pictures of your goals and pute them on your vision board to look at them every day. Put your vision board on a lace that you can see it every day, for instance in front of your laptop, on the living room etc. You can have more than one vision boards if you have big dreams! l have more than one also!

How we build our vision board?

1. We find photos to cover the background of our board. l usually use photos from golf courses that are near the sea.

2. You can find these photos simply by clicking on google  “golf course photos” and then by pressing  the images button on the top bar of google page.

3. Then you find some other good quality pictures that represent your goals, your whys or you “toys” you would like to have. Concentrate on the three steps Be, Do, Have.

4. Then you download them and print them.

5. Then you cut them and start making your collage.

Hint: Because its a very personal and highly creative procedure, it is recommended to switch of your cell phone, to turn of Facebook and your television or any other distraction, and get to work instantly!

If you don’ t know what exactly you want and you cannot find any pictures, dont’ worry. Inspiration will come with perspiration. Only the 3% of the people know exactly what they want in life and 3% are the people they take it!


 What not to do when writing your goals!

1. Not to feel depressed and disconnected with your inner self, you should feel deservability and excitement!

2. Don’t write your goals with disbelief, if you don’t believe in something, then you can have it as your goal! On the other hand you can start writing it as a goal and start believing it! Belief and goal setting and achieving them is a process!

3. Many things will change in your life or have to, if you have very competitive goals. This process of change is not easy for everyone. People are resistant to change. Subconscious mind dislikes change, even if change is for good purpose.

4. Don’t be goal oriented in everything in your life. Your left brain should be in balance with the right brain. Live yourself to attract your goals and be open! Embrace life! Goals are not everything in life, but life without goals is a tragedy! When l set my first goals, a friend of mine came and told my to go for soccer, to his astonishment l answered him that it is not in my goals! That is wrong! You cut yourself from the flow of energy! Good things will happen only when you feel connected with the flow or universal energy.

5. Wrong beliefs that lead to wrong goals. Be careful of your restrained beliefs. Keep working on your mind and your feelings. Wealth is an emotional situation, the same is goal achieving. If you were living in a restrained environment with no many opportunities then you don’t have many options in life. If you live in absolute poverty, then goal setting is revolutionary for you! Maybe the inner  conflict will make you feel distracted and pity about yourself!

6. When l started writing my goals, l understood my difficult position l were! l was in the wrong home. wrong business, wrong car, wrong degree, wrong friends, wrong girlfriend. wrong parents! and wrong relatives! l felt depressed, l victimized myself, poor me l thought and l was feeling jealous and anger! Instead of feeling love, attraction and appreciation of what l already had, l had myself, my family, a car, no matter what car, a girlfriend. etc. Feel rich of what you have instead of felling bad of what you don’t. Don’t polarize yourself!

l think the above tips gave a different approach in goal setting, different from the experts that they say just go for it! or the gurus that they are making up a theory and all the time are going round and round their theories! This make no sense! When you are ready, you will find the guru you want, for the time being, start writing your goals daily, this step only in the most powerful in life, because you will automatically place yourself in the top 3% of the population! Your goals will soon became part of your past!

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