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Super Affiliate Marketing 505

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Super Affiliate Marketing 505


Super Affiliate Marketing has to do with making money through selling affiliate products or services for a commission from your website or through advertising methods

Super Affiliate Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very good method to promote yourself and your affiliate products. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a basic flip camera and a tripod or a good web camera. A very good site to learn video marketing is Traffic Geyser.

Traffic Geyser is one of its kind video submission tool that can teach you online video marketing from scratch, and has a submission tool where you can massively submit your videos and articles in more than 30 different channels at once.

You can start video marketing by simply making some video reviews for your favourite affiliate programs and stick to the main customer benefits. You can make a product or service review in your blog and combine it with a video.


Video Marketing  Tips

Choose a profitable niche that you are knowledgable about or can research and find the information you need.

Then you should create 10 to 20 questions, on the top questions people want to know about the niche you have chosen. You may do something like the top 10 tips, the top ten ideas or the top ten solutions. Top ten is a very popular title and content.

Top ten quaestions should be questions that people really want to know.  Then you should make a short 3-4 minutes video to answer the top ten  people questions you have chosen. You video format should be in five steps like this:

1.Tell them who you are and why you are the expert. Make them feel that this is important. And explain why you have created this video series and the topic.

2.Tell them about their problem or your problem if it is a common problem,

3. tell them what solution you have to their problem and

4. why they need this solution.

5. Finally in step 5, you should tell them how they are going to get the solution from you. The solution is the affiliate product or service you sell.

Send them to your squeeze page and tell them what to do next. Note that this is the first video only and it is the bait to make them opt in. The other nine videos should be after the squeeze page and after they opt-in. You should provide clear affirmative call to action explaining them the benefits of the other 9 video series and how they will help them to solve their problem or achieve their goals.

After that, you should mix the 9 video series with affiliate product solution which best relates with the market niche you have picked. Make sure the affiliate product is high converting and will do the job. You can use The One Time Offer OTO bonus or the free webinar offer after they opt in.


Bonus Affiliate Product Recommendation

To increase the conversion rate you can just add an unexpected bonus to make your offer or your affiliate product recommendation a no brainer offer.

This has many positive outcomes. It gives you more credibility, you build better relationship with you audience and you have the chance to make more money. Finally the video series is also creating a new free product or a freebie or a freemium.

You can also with the free product include another OTO or a hot offer from the low price range of products. The low price range is between $17 to $67. l personally prefer the $1 dollar one month trial products which are the best value for money offers and they are unbeatable. Such programs are the following:

 How to Create Freemium or Freebies Bonus Products

It is about time if you would like to become a super affiliate marketer, to create your own freebie or free bonus affiliate product. Many people are calling this product a freemium. The freemium is not a final product yet. It is a free one that you are not selling, but giving away as a bait to the people to opt in or after the opt in as a bonus affiliate product to escort another OTO.

As we talked before, when you want to build your list fast, you need to brand yourself as an expert and giveaway valuable content for free. The solution is to produce a report or an e-book and tell the people to opt-in to take it.

The same happens with the 10 free video series. It would be the same report captured in a video series.

How can you find content for your freemium? To find content about your freebies you just need to find a private label rights product in the niche that you have chosen and  will make sense to become a bonus, or create it from the content of the affiliate product you are promoting. You can also use old articles or old ebooks or even old videos about your market niche and rewrite them or remake them as a new freemium product. Try to be creative and personalize the content as much as you can.


Freemium Bonus Promotion Tips

After you created the freemium,  you should promote it and make it known.  Super affiliate marketing is about taking massive action and combining as many marketing tools you have as possible. Here are some tips to organize best your promotion.

1. Sent out a broadcast email in your list with your freemium. Identify the problem and give them the solution. If the problem is starting an affiliate marketing business, then speak about that and prepare the people to accept your solution. Then propose your freemium and give them extra option by adding some affiliate product links.

2. Use a free press release for your freemium, including a link to your squeeze page for the people to opt-in.

3. Write a blog post about your new freemium and promote it.

4. Write an article about your new freemium and submit it to the article directories like ezinearticles.

5. Give the license to other affiliate marketers to use your freemium as a bait for the prospects to opt-in in their lists.

6. Promote your new freemium in the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, linked in etc.


Selecting an Affiliate Product Revisited

We covered this topic before, but we are going now to add a little more as you now know more about super affiliate marketing and you are a more experienced in this topic.

There are many factors to consider when selecting an affiliate product to promote. Here are just some of the features that you should be looking for when deciding on what affiliate products to promote.


Promote programs or services that complement the them of your site or your niche. Visitors want to know more about the specific niche so they are in your blog.

Quality and Stability

There is a huge quantity of affiliate products, do not settle for a product that is sloppy just to have a product to promote. Look for good and reputable programs, try them first and then include them in your marketing funnel. Make also sure that full contact details is provided with the owner of the product. Be the first to contact them or to do the due diligence.

Clickbank has a great system in picking an affiliate program. They have a gravity indicator that points how many affiliates are making money with the specific affiliate program. The higher the gravity score, the better the quality and the reliability of the affiliate product is.


Start with products that are worthwhile to promote. Look for products that you will earn a minimum commission of $20.  In order to achieve maximum profits, l recommend that you aim for commissions at the 50% to 100% level. The only product l know that has two tier residual and 100% for life commission is Empower Network.

On the contrary, high-end products will usually have lower commission 25%-50%

It is very crucial to find affiliate programs with lifetime commissions. That means the customer you send is cookied to you for life. Residual commission is the best commissions, when the program has perpetual charges and is a continual program like DotComSecretsX

Don’t forget to ask when the commissions are paid.

Affiliate support

The best companies to work with provide plenty of support, promotional tools and many times education of how to maximize your sales and to promote their products. Many of them offer even workshops, webinars and free coaching advice.

The best super affiliate marketing companies provide statistics about their leads, conversions and sales and give to their affiliates access to their database and affiliate marketing statistics.

Does the company has a telephone line for customer support or a ticket based email support service?

Test drive the product

As a last piece of advice is to be picky when selecting a program and honest when you are making your affiliate product recommendations. Nothing will turn people away more than a raw attempt to fill them full of hype and hot air just so you can make a few quick bucks.

Take time to go through the product ahead of time to know exactly what you are promoting and if it is worth the value you are trying to promote to the others.

Personal testimonial is the best way to promote your affiliate product.


What Affiliate Program to Start with?

If you don’t have an affiliate program and what to find one that is reliable and meets all the above criteria, then DotComSecretsX  is the best affiliate program for you!

Russel Branson is a very respectable young internet entrepreneur that has developed over the years a very attractive internet marketing coaching system that you cannot miss. It doesn’t matter where you are now, if you have your own project or if you are very busy with another business, DotComSecretsX is  flexible and is a lifetime opportunity!

DotComSecretsX can be combined with many  SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers). You don’t need to change everything, but simply adapt your marketing funnel to DotComSecretsX.

If you’ve struggled with your business opportunity or your SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) until now, you will quickly be boosted as a DotComSecretsX member.

Along with the special introductory price of $1 to start the DotComSecretsXcoaching , the coaching system also offering an easy training that will guide you STEP-BY-STEP from day 1 to day 30 on how to make money online.

As you can see, these are just a few of the great products which are available as part of the DotComSecretsX system that you have to offer:

For $1 for a 30 day period, Russel’s coaching will put you through 30 days of training and assignments, with specific tasks to complete each and every day, so that you can be making money before the end of the first month. That is actually the point in every online business! During this time you can earn 40% commissions on any of the products in the system. And 10-25% commissions on the second level!


The Three Factors In Selecting Affiliate Programs

One of the most common question asked by affiliate marketers  is what product should l sell as an affiliate?

There are three factors in selecting affiliate programs which are the Wants, the Need and the Value Factor.

Needs are the basic reasons a person is looking for the product or service. You have to know exactly what the need is in your market niche. This has to do with a lot of market research. For instance in my market niche, that is affiliate marketing, one of the basic and biggest needs is to learn how to make money online. Period. That is one the basic human needs and trust me l know it well.

Wants are the determining dimension among many choices. It is the more subjective factor to cover their basic need with a product or service they like. For instance, the need is food and the want is a steak! There are many choices that fit the need, but the best choice is always one.

The Value Factors are the intangible characteristics associated with a product or service. If there are many similar products, the customer will try to figure out in the back of his head the intangible values. For instance, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are both providing luxury cars. Some of the people choose Mercedes-Benz while other BMW. The black box in decision-making of the customer has to do with the intangible values.

The Value factor is the real essence of super affiliate marketing. It is the ideas and the perceived value the final customers have about YOU first and the product or services you sell.


To your super affiliate marketing success,



John Divramis

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super affiliate marketing 505

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