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Day 51 – Super Affiliate Marketing 404

July 31, 2012 |


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Super Affiliate Marketing 404

Super Affiliate Marketing 404 is the fourth serial post after Super Affiliate Marketing 101 , Super Affiliate Marketing 202 and Super Affiliate Marketing 303It has to do with making money through selling affiliate products or services for a commission from your website or through advertising methods.


Super Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Monetization starts with YOU providing a solution to a problem through great content. Affiliate marketing does not work for many people because they are told to grab their affiliate link, cloak it and start making sales. Monetization is a process that has four main steps, problem solving content creation, traffic generation, presell or warming up your audience and then Monetization!

This is the model that super affiliate marketing follows. It is not grab an affiliate program and market it! Especially when you are new, you need to prepare enough before the sale. The better the preparation you made, the best results you will have.

Problem solving content creation Your content is found by the search engines on the web for the solution to the problem of your target audience. You have found this problem and the solution by relevant market research. This search engine results gives you traffic.

Traffic generation Once traffic comes to your site, you begin the pre-sell process which is created through the relationship you are building with your target audience.  The more good quality and solid content you have, the better your relationship with your customers. You have to overdeliver to the visitor and position yourself as an expert. Then and only then comes monetization.


Super Affiliate Marketing Content

Online visitors are looking for content, they are not looking for YOU! In the start nobody is looking for you yet! They are looking for a solution to their problem. They don’t know you and they don’t care about you. You have to do a really good job on selling them something. You have to make them believe you have the magic solution to their problem!

You need to stand out above the crowd and be the one they find! if you don’t have the confidence to do that, you are not going to succeed in affiliate marketing my friend! Basically, you have to position yourself correctly in front of your visitors over your competition. If you are not do it properly, then the visitors to your site will not stay and they will  live, they will try to find another expert.

Differentiate yourself from your competition. What makes you different? Why this person should buy from you? What is your unique selling point in yourself? Why to buy from you and not from another affiliate? Why to buy from you out of the hundreds of affiliates they know? Everyday people are receiving thousand emails from affiliates and call them to buy.

 Deliver super affiliate content first that help solve your visitors problems.By doing so, you will drive more traffic in your blog, which gives you the opportunity to pre-sell. Make sure the product you sell is exceptional. Try to give for free compelling and amazing content. Astonish your audience. Start from the very beginning and build your marketing and monetization funnel. Focus your efforts in building the valuable content.


Turn Knowledge Into Content and Content Into Money

The keywords are a great part of sending traffic to your website, but if there is nothing there, then nobody will visit your website again. With valuable content, visitors will stay in your site and find solutions to their problems. lf your content is helpful, then it will presell your funded proposal. Every super top affiliate has compelling content in its blog. You can place then strategically your affiliate links in your content to create some leads and some sales.



Every growing affiliate business must have traffic. Your good relevant content brings traffic form the search engines, mainly google and bing. Your content is found by laser targeted visitors that are both interested and open to what you have to offer. Moreover, these potential customers are now ready to meet you at your blog. These visitors are known as traffic.

To keep the traffic flow you need to updates your affiliate business with many sources of content. l am going to be honest with you. Paid advertising is a very good source of traffic. But it is not consistent traffic and is not for ever. After all there are many marketing gurus that they tell with hype, l made $10.000 a month with Google Adwords!

They never mention they spent $12.000! And the only thing they are doing is making google rich and try to find other sources of traffic with testimonials which is part of the good quality content! l am going to tell you about the free, consistent and long-lasting traffic.

Super affiliate marketing always uses the free traffic source. That is articles, videos, press releases, blog posts and eBooks. l have done them all consistently and l support the idea of combine the power of good lasting content. You have to blog daily, at least 100 posts.

The same 100 principle is relevant for the other sources of traffic, press releases, videos etc. The secretin super affiliate marketing is to be consistent! Be patient and keep generating good content! Have a daily routine and build your audience and your subscriber list. Strategically write your first eBook and place your affiliate links inside the e-book content. You never know when the time is right, your constant exposure will make you little by little rich!


Super Affiliate Marketing is to Pre-sell

What is really preselling? l used this word at least ten times! Preselling is positioning your offer in the mind of the visitor so that it make sense to buy! People will never do something that is not making sense. They will buy by emotion and then they justify their option by logic.

If your logic cannot help them find a reason to buy from you, then you lost them! Maybe they opted in your list, but they are not ready to buy! You are dealing with a complete stranger and you are a complete stranger to your new visitor. You have to make them know you, trust you and return back to your blog asking for more. How do they will know you? Through the good content you make for them and the how helpful was to solve their problem. Is time to build visitors confidence, by overdelivering.

Make them feel they are safe and you are a credible person and you are not going to steal their money or scam them. Over delivering is when you surpass your customer expectation and give them more than they promised or expected. You are now building your Personal Brand like the big online  companies such as Microsoft, Amazon etc. List building is the only safe way to pre-sell.

List building offers you more options for pre-selling with follow ups, free webinars, and free content. Maybe they will not buy you right away and they need a presentation or an educational video to convert them.


Super Affiliate Marketing Monetization Revisited

Monetization is the final step and the easiest part of the four steps. At this point the customer is ready to buy your affiliate product that you recommend and presell to them if it is positioned right. If the product is of great value then you just won a repetitive and loyal customer!

Definitely they will buy from you again and again! Congratulations! You have now monetized your blog! The super affiliate marekting model is a great source of income. You need always your income diversified to more than one different affiliate source.

Never settle in one thing, always diversify. Monetization with affiliate marketing makes sense because you don’t need to build your own product to make money. Monetization is where you now have some control. Up until this point the visitor was in complete control.

They could simply leave in the pre-sell phase and you could never see them back again, losing the opportunity to make any sale.Until they are unsubscribed from your list or leave you have a last chance to turn them into customers.


Super Affiliate Blog

Creating a niche blog is a great idea for affiliates that have time and money. My personal experience is that creating a niche or a personal branding blog is the only option to make money with super affiliate marketing. l can’t imagine another way and l don’t listen to the gurus telling how easy is to make money with their product or service that sells from itself and you don’t even need a site to make a sale! Unless you build your first blog, you will not make any significant money in your niche.

Blogging don’t have instant results. It is not an overnight business and it needs time. You can read more about blogging in my blogging category of my personal blog. l have only 32 great articles there about blogging. If you are relatively new and you don’t have a clue how to start blogging, try Empower Network.

l learned blogging in less than a week with Empower Network and their education system which is very dense and helpful to any newbie. You have to be consistent with blogging and you can start right now without spending a lot of money. If you are in a tight budget, you can start your own blog with $50 dollars to buy a domain name and a hosting!

l personally prefer Godaddy. People are seeing you now as the person who delivers value and you are gaining your first audience. l personally don’t recommend to start a free blog or to buy a ready-made website. Ready made websites or free blog themes have very little SEO functionality and they are very limited.

You need to buy a premium WordPress theme. Don’t even think about to start with a free theme. Premium themes start from as low as $35 but l personally recommend Solostream or Optimize Press. Then you have to customize your theme and the graphics. You can outsource this service to an expert. You don’t need to much graphics, but just a few to start, a banner, a logo and some colours.


Monetization Planing

Failing to plan is the simply planing to fail. In monetization planing you have to plan well and stick to your plan. The hardest work is at the start where the first sale is the hardest and the most costly to get! You got the time and effort you spend but blogging gets easier once you have build momentum. To build momentum you need to be consistent! Once you have build momentum is difficult to change direction.

Be very carefull with changing your mind. Changing your mind means that you start from scratch and rebuilding your blog and marketing funnel, even changing you subscribers or your already loyal audience. l know this very well.

Until now l have changed direction twice and now it will be the third time to change direction! It is very hard to understand after months and months of hard-working, seven days a week that you have placed your ladder wrong and you are climbing the wrong wall! The biggest problem is to plan without having the whole picture. Your learning curve is shifting and you need to make tweaks and changes in your blog and affiliate website.


The First Impression Matters

New visitors arrive everyday as more content is developed and optimized.  What is the visitors very important first impression? Are they saying WOW or they are bouncing away? Remember, visitors do not care about you yet, they are nothing more than a new visitor and a potential customer. They are not familiar with you blog and your content and this very first critical impression will make them stay or live.

Keep your site simple and clean. You don’t need to load your site with banners and buy me buttons. lt is all about building relationships with your audience with your content. Provide good relevant Niche specific content that solves their problems. The purpose of the content is to solve the problem of your customer. Are you generating the best content you could?

Once you gain visitors trust and love in what you give them, you can slowly begin monetization. Monetization is a process that takes time and dedication, especially in the start where you build your content.


Monetized Content Tips

Some common mistakes the new affiliates make is they think visitors do really care about them or their webpage or their product. Does your visitor stays or takes a look at your blog and turns around and leaves? You have to design your website for their needs, not your needs. After they leave, they go to one of your competitors and they buy.

The only reason your website exists is to solve your customers problems. Because if it doesn’t you are not going to make any money. Make clear to your visitors what your blog is about. Are you misleading your visitors in their first impression? Your blog navigation should be clear and easy, so the visitor to find exactly what he wants in the minimum time.

Do not overstuff your content with pointless keywords. Write for the people and not for the search engines. You need to use your keywords, but they need to match up with your content. Even the domain name has to do with content the visitors is expecting to see.

Don’t buy PLR articles and simply put them on your blog. You need to write good helpful and genuine articles at least 700 words about a specific niche topic. Keep in mind that your goal is to help your visitor. Anything else is a waste of time and you should stop doing it.

Good and rich articles are better in generating links and referrals and building traffic. The better your content is the more people will use it in their own websites. Make first impression count. You want your visitors feel like they are not losing their time and they will come back.


Writing Style

The writing style you should use affects your readership. You should write as if you know each person in your blog personally. Your personal style is very important and this tactic will make your readers feel like they know you. Keep in mind that you are not your customer friend but the credible expert and you should write and behave from this position and capacity.

Somebody should see you as a person with influence and should come to you to ask about advice. Also, show that you care about your readers and subscribers. Your target is to develop customer loyalty and help your blog to go viral. Blog is a form of communication, if it is not viral, then is useless and powerless.

Super affiliate marketing is about having a great and powerful blog as your main communication hub. Read your blog posts again and take into consideration your customer’s view. Proof read and rewrite your posts again.


4 Ideas to Create Super Affiliate Content

1. Write your own content. It is time-consuming but people should know you and your personal style

2. Blog Outsourcing.

You can get some professional blog posts from $5- $10 dollars in the or and in many other outsourcing websites. Look for writers that have agood portfolio and are native american speakers. Read some articles of them first . Always check the content they are generating if it is of high quality and never accept rubbish or low quality content.

Ask for articles and not blog posts. Blog posts considered to be more expensive than simple articles. The advantages of outsourcing are many, but it has also disadvantages. The pros are mainly the minimal costs and the time saved for yourself. Moreover, sometimes experienced article writers can do an amazing job with their articles.

However, you have to be careful that sometimes, the writer is not so good, is not a fluent or a native english speaker and the delivery time is slow. You may also end up with an amateur article writer instead of a professional. Search engine optimization is of great importance and some writers are very poor in SEO content.  

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or posting essentially means writing high quality content that you then give away to real blogs in exchange to a link back to your site. Another definition is to trade blog posts with another blogger.

4. Private label rights content or PLR

They are an inexpensive, time-saving method to use PLR content as a source to produce your own. Never use PLR posts and articles as they are. You have to spin them, compose new ones or use them as a base to write your own articles. Don’t forget to add your affiliate links in your blog articles. Sometimes PLR articles are not proper for your blog, are not of high quality and may not fit with your target audience needs. Personally, l write the whole content myself for two main reasons.

To add the affiliate link l want to promote each time and to get better in copywriting.


Super Affiliate Guest Blogging

This of course benefits everyone in that the blog owner gets free high quality content, while you get a free one-way link from a high-profile site.

Guest Blogging is like article writing and article submission in an article directory. Since the search engines are mainly text-based, you need to have at least 50% of your website or blog to be text, apart from the graphics and  the software code.

Select blogs that are not in direct competition with you. They could be in a very similar niche but not in direct competition with your blog. You write content on a guest blog and you are also exchanging links with each other. This is a good link building strategy.Keep in mind to have contextual links and to be relevant with your market niche. You now have access to the readers of the another blog and they will have access to your own blog.

Super affiliate marekting is always about finding new ways of promoting and generating new traffic, new leads and new customers.


How to Learn Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is not so easy as it is a skill and takes time to develop. You can develop your blogging skills by blogging daily and learn how to create compelling articles. A great service to learn guest blogging is Empower Network. It is all about empowerment, guidance and personal development in the blogging era. Learn Guest Blogging now!


 Affiliate Blog Linking

One of the most monetization methods is to add strategically placed and relevant affiliate links to your sites. One of the most effective ways is to use contextual links for your affiliate squeeze pages and promotions. All of the super affiliate marketers are using this approach and it is search engine friendly to have interlinks and outbound links, it is a sign of a healthy, fully operational and alive blog.

As long as the link has relevance of being there, leads to a great benefit for the reader you will notice that you will have a higher click through rate and a higher conversion rate. It is very important to pre-sell the click through on your affiliate link with your content. How will you do that? First show empathy with your readers situation or problem. Then offer an affiliate solutionto their main problem. You will not have results overnight, but consistency will give you the results you want.


Blog Affiliate Product Reviews

Blog product reviews is a great way of blog monetization. Email marketing is not always a good way to pre-sell your content. With a blog review which is not more than a product or service review, you can provide more pictures, embed a video review and generally offer more content to presell the offers. l host a special category in my blog about company reviews and testimonials. They are of great importance both of them.

Blog reviews help you to pick traffic form the search engines if you use the title of the product, service or company in the title of the post. That technique is called piggy back marketing. You can also broadcast your review to your subscribers simply using the aweberautoresponder tool.


Affiliate Product Reviews Tips

Don’t be afraid to state the obvious, your target audience could not know the subject. There is no need to give a bog story, but to give a good quality story.

Be specific and provide them your personal experience or testimonial and produce a video about this. This will personalize the affiliate program review and will make it unique. If you have a unique expertise, then focus on them and on your affiliate product unique features. Try to be the first to make a review when a new product, service or company is launched.

Don’t write about yourself, reviewers want to know about the product. So concentrate on this simple point. what the readers want to know is what you should write about. If you create the best review and the best compelling video and still you are not providing what the readers are looking for, then l am sorry you are not cutting it my friend. Think of the sort of questions they are likely to be asking themselves.

Be transparent!If you write blog reviews you should disclose all the information. You have to say if you are compensated by the company or affiliate product to write a blog review. If you got a product for free as a beta tester you have to disclose it.


DotComSecretsX Company Review

If you’ve struggled with your business opportunity or your SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) until now, you will quickly be boosted as a DotComSecretsX member. Along with the special introductory price of $1 to start the DotComSecretsX coaching , the coaching system also offering an easy trainingthat will guide you STEP-BY-STEP from day 1 to day 30 on how to make money online. As you can see, these are just a few of the great products which are available as part of the DotComSecretsX system that you have to offer:

This is only about half of the SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) available in DotComSecretsX, and still only part of why I’m excited to bring you this DotComSecretsX post! In fact, you have no better way to grow a MASSIVE list than to have a set of irresistible offers! For $1 30 day period, Russel’s coaching will put you through 30 days of training and assignments, with specific tasks to complete each and every day, so that you can be making money before the end of the first month.

That is actually the point in every online business! During this time you can earn 40% commissions on any of the products in the system. And 10-25% commissions on the second level! But that’s not all. He had also integrated his Network Marketing business on the back-end of his funnels which was exactly what I’ve been working to put together.

So you might be getting the idea now, after some of this DotComSecretsX review, that’s a no brainer to at least check out for the $1. When you have a 32 year old internet multimillionaire show you for 30 days exactly step-by-step what to do for ONLY $1, you can’t miss.

Only the education they offer such as the Internet Marketing Illuminati is cost more than $100.000 plus the free DCSX Journal, the Swipe  Copy Files etc. Only the Swipe copy files are 1300 pages long of successful sales letter to take some ideas for your own.

You also get the Scetchcasts, helpful other educational videos and how to guides, that will boost your business to the next level.








If you can guide someone to something that will help them make money, and you learn while you go how to ramp your business up to the next level and beyond,  things get really exciting.


My DotComSecretsX Personal Testimonial


In only 7 days, l have created 200 leads with only free methods simply following the system! l use the system daily and l ma very excited! l know that it is a secure way to make money online and it is suitable for everyone who wants to start an home based business.


To your success,



John Divramis

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