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Day 49 – Super Affiliate Marketing 101

July 29, 2012 |


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Super Affiliate Marketing 101

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the use of a website that sells products of other websites called affiliates, to help market the products. Is a performance based online marketing and many times is refered as performance marketing. Is a method of marketing where other websites sign up to become affiliates with you to sell your products.

With affiliate marketing you can start immediately without having your own product or website. You can do affiliate marketing in conjunction with the primary internet income stream. In network marketing, many mlm professionals has a facet of affiliate programs and services for the people who don’t join their primary opportunity and still become their clients.

You need to have several avenues of profit streams and not to expect only from one.


Why to start with affiliate marketing?

1. Is a win-win scenario.

2. Has small start up costs or no start up costs at all as soon as many affiliate programs are free to join.

3. Is an easy way to include more lucrative offers to your customer, more of what they want.

4. You are building goodwill and making money.

5.  You don’t have to create a product or to deal with the product logistics. A lot of times when a customer buys, relate you with the customer support. Now you can avoid this issue and outsource it to the affiliate company.

Is very wise to pick up very good affiliate programs and position them in your marketing funnel.


The Affiliate Promotion Process

1. Create a paypal account

2. Find a product with an affiliate program

3. Sign up as an affiliate

4. Market the product or service

5. Receive your commissions

6. Repeat the process


Does this sound like the easiest thing to do? You will sleep and your affiliate business will generate loads of cash in autopilot! Until you wake up! Is that most people are told? l have bought products and they told me you don’t even have to market them, they sell by themselves!


Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Yes it works, until you work.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Is it as easy as most make it sound? No! Affiliate marketing is about building a business. Building a business is not quick and easy, it is a marathon. It is a daily process.

Then does it worth your time and effort? Definitely yes, provided you are self driven, you have a work ethic and a dream. You are ready to develop a whole new mindset towards Affiliate Marketing and start with a new way of thinking.

If you are not feel related, please stop reading and go find something else to do. This is not for you, and don’t waste your time. If you are this kind of person that is business driven, then affiliate marketing really delivers and actually over delivers, so let’s start.


Learning curve

Becoming an affiliate is like learning a new trade or job. Is like going university. you learn the basics and you build on what you learn. It is a step ny step process and it takes time to learn the products and services you are selling and it takes time to learn how to run your business.

Failure to prepare

People doesn’t know in what they are getting into and they fail. If you are starting in affiliate business and you are not prepared, you are going to fail! Most of us, including me,  fail at the things we try because we get so excited and caught up in the hype of making fast cash.

l know that we will stop firing to everything new target and we will start getting prepared. The preparation time seems to be unproductive, especially when we need fast results because we are not having a lot of money.

Careful preparation and planning

 Stop panicking and start planning and prepare yourself. When l have started with affiliate marketing l was in such a rush that l didn’t understand the business model and how this works. To my detriment months after my first product promotion launch, l made no money and when l reviewed my results l realised that l forgot to plan and prepare. l had to redesign my websites, my products and my marketing funnel.

l have spent several weeks from dusk till down to make the proper adjustments and tweaks and here l am a little better from yesterday and more professional than ever.


Affiliate Goals

You need to have goals as in every aspect in our business life. You need to have a bit challenging goals and not unobtainable. Unreachable goals will lead to failure and frustration You need to set goals that will require some effort.

The goals should be task oriented and action oriented and should be expressed with action oriented words. They should be specific and clear.

Always use affirmative and clear goals. Your brain can focus in one thing every time and cannot clear out what you mean when you are not using affirmative. Start with baby steps and don’t try to build the Colosseum in one night! For instance,  if you want to make $3.000 in the first month, you will fail! If you set a goal of $300 and achieve it, then you would reach the $600, then the $1.200 and then $2.400 and every month you will reach a hihger level of income.

Try to have small, manageable, monthly goals.

Make a personal SWNOT analysis

Just write down the strengths and the weaknesses you have. Concentrate to the areas you are good at. If you don’t know how to do something, don’t be afraid to outsource. Then identify all the resources you have available right now. What time or money you have and estimate what resources you would need. If you have any money available, then you should make some investments and make faster progress. Do you have time? if you are working part-time with your affiliate business you should use your time wisely. If you have plenty of time, then you can use it to develop your business and learn the skills you don’t have to succeed.

Formulate a daily improvement plan

Know yourself, your limits and your capabilities. Then ask yourself what are the critical tasks that you should do every day to reach your goals and produce results? Have a daily goal plan in accordance with your weekly or monthly plan. Think longterm and ask yourself which part of your plan has the most long-term benefits for me? That is what you are going to concentrate your power and focus.

Work on your short-term and daily goals. Your long-term or five-year goals, will need too much time to be achieved and you will feel frustrated. Think positive, achieve your short-term goals. Make them achievable and a bit challenging.

Commit to your goals. It needs persistence.  Continually monitor your progress, take a whiteboard, so to look at your goals every day. Every day achieve something small and make the proper adjustments in your action plan and goals.

Write down your small success and take the failures and learn from them. Keep a log writing your goals and your daily progress. Remain positive all the time and kill the negative and the negative people. You can also find an accountability partner to help you in the process.


Affiliate Budgeting: Time and Money

Set a general budget for both time and money. Write down the resources you have now and budget your time and money to achieve the best results.

The more money you will invest in this business the faster the growth and the results you will have, This doesn’t mean that you simply  throw money away! Every dollar That goes out your door, needs to come back in and bring another dollar with it. In the start you will not have big results, so be frugal with your money.

Keep track of what you are investing and of your income and expenses. l personally keep a monthly cash flow log in MS Excel. You can use google sheets for this if you don’ t have MS Excel.


Don’t Depend on One Affiliate Program or Affiliate Programs

When you start, you are so excited that you sign up with every program you find! It is very easy to make mistakes and choose the wrong programs. You will learn also that is easy to fail with the right ones.

Another thing l learned in the start is that l could find a great product, but the company wasn’t ready to train me properly to succeed or had too many affiliates that it was difficult to work with me. In another article l explain why online training systems fail. The same failure factors apply into the affiliate marketing industry.

Usually the failure reasons are, the lack of proper training. Many companies don’t have a start up training or manual. No coaching or learning through videos eBooks and webinars. They have no tools for the affiliates to start. No affiliate support system or helpdesk. The people simply fail!

What does the successful affiliates do?

Successful affiliates start with the best products with the best Affiliate Programs. Successful affiliates test the program they promote first.

Successful affiliates know how to go out and do it right on their own, they don’t depend on the affiliate program owner or the affiliate program to tell them what to do. Simply learn and prepare and eliminate the dependency totally. Don’t blame the product for the results you have. If you fail the only one to blame is yourself!

Successful affiliates have support team to help them succeed.


Successful Affiliates start with their own blog and content

The number one reason that affiliates fail is that they don’t have any website or blog to start with. You blog is your personal presence on the internet. How will people find you and how will you build credibility? You need a website or a blog. Don’t let the lack of technical skills keeps you from developing a professional website.

Most common mistakes affiliates make at the beginning are:

1. Site is hosted using a free web hosting service, this destroys your credibility.

2. Poor graphical design. Your site looks like an amateur and newbie site.

3. Site contains low or no value content. Sometimes it is irrelevant with the solution the customers are looking for.

4. The content of the site is not for this niche. Your keywords are not relevant with the content.

5. Not search engines optimized offline and online. The site is not found by the search engines.

6. The graphical environment is poor and the navigation very bad.


What does the top super affiliates do?

All of them use personal branding strategies. They all of them have a clean and well designed blog with valuable content for the visitor. Usually when they don’t have the technical skills, they simply outsource the web development and design.

With their personal blog, they position themselves as an expert to their audience and with their relevant content they provide solutions to the targeted audiences problems. You need to meet your target audience in the search bar of the search engines.

Top Super Affiliates always attract laser targeted, interested leads to their website. All of them build their sites to build a list. They have somewhere an opt in form where they have a killer offer for free. They build relationships and credibility and trust.

Top Super Affiliates continue to provide solid value by giving other sources of great content with other affiliates programs and services or free content that fits in their marketing funnel.


 Top Super Affiliates Invest in Their Website

If you want to maximize your income and be taken seriously, you need to have a killer blog! You need to look professional and come across as an expert. If you are going to promote the affiliate URL, then you will start as an amateur and you will fail. You have to be prepared.

You need to build your very own self branded blog, as soon as the only product you need to promote is YOU! Here are some tips to build a  Top Super Affiliate Blog:

1. Take a brandable domain name and a hosting account, l suggest godaddy because they offer 20% off an l have my own domains and hosting with them.

2. You need to purchase an autoresponder service like the one l use and suggest: Aweber. You can start with only a dollar for the first month.

3. Then you need to build a WordPress blog. Do not select another content management platform. WordPress is very easy to use. Godaddy has one click button WordPress  installation and you don’t need technical knowledge at least to start.

4. You need to buy a premium WordPress theme. Don’t even think about to start with a free theme. Premium themes start from as low as $35 but l personally recommend Solostream or Optimize Press.

5. Then you have to customize your theme and the graphics. You can outsource this service to an expert. You don’t need to much graphics, but just a few to start, a banner, a logo and some colours.

6. You need to build your blog with some essential plugins and widgets and add some basic pages such as about me, thank you page, and some content, including articles, videos and photos.

7. Personalize your blog with some photos, and some personal branding.


Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The biggest problem l hear from other affiliates is that have little or no traffic at all in their blogs. The problem is not only with traffic but with what kind of traffic. The quality of traffic makes the difference in every successful blog. You are not a news blog where everyone is a target audience. You need people who have a problem or need and want your product or service right now. That is what l called laser targeted traffic.

General and no targeted traffic will lead to no conversions at all. People will not sign up to your list and they will not buy something from you.

If you are on the internet business to sell something then you need the best high quality traffic possible. Make the content of the blog search engine friendly. Offer high quality content that builds traffic.

Keep tracking all the web pages of your site with google analytics or another similar service and continue to test and tweak to improve performance. This is the way of the Top Super Affiliates.

Top Super Affiliates all develop more than one way to generate traffic for their website. Every savvy internet marketer opens up all the windows and doors they can let in as much traffic as possible.

When you are first starting out, focus on one or two traffic methods at a time and master them. Do what it needs consistently. Consistency is the secret of your success. If you start with blogging, blog at least 100 post and then you will see the results.

You need to be patience and channel your positive self talk. See the whole picture of the affiliate marketing, driving traffic is a small part of the affiliate marketing business. Master every little part well and you will master the whole picture. First master the things you enjoy and you can do. Enjoy what you are doing and success will come.


Find a Niche that Interests you with a Good Affiliate Program

Find a niche that interest you and pick up one or two good programs which offers at least 50% commissions. Do your reasearch before jumping on any market niche. Also do your research before selecting any affiliate program. There are many companies you can represent as an affiliate but finding a company that respects its affiliates is one of the most important thing!


How Top Super Affiliates Choose A Program?

How to choose one affiliate program? What the Top Super Affiliates do? There are so many affiliate programs, do l should have some criteria? Yes, you need first to answer some questions:

Do l need to pay something to join?

When they issue their payments and in which way?

What are the conversion rates and the statistics? Are the stats available to you? Do you have free access?

Is the program supportive? Do they offer tools, coaching and training to their affiliates?

How are the referrals from an affiliate’s site tracked and for how long do they remain in the system? (For how long does the cookie stays with you?)

Does the affiliate program pay for the hits and impressions, besides the commissions on sales?

Is the affiliate company a solid company? Do your due diligence.

Does the affiliate program offers a second tier commission?

What are the level of commissions paid? Do they offer a special bonus when you achieve a certain sales goal?

Does the program fit with your target niche?


What Affiliate Program to Start with?

If you don’t have an affiliate program and what to find one that is reliable and meets all the above criteria, then DotComSecretsX  is the best affiliate program for you!

Russel Branson is a very respectable young internet entrepreneur that has developed over the years a very attractive internet marketing coaching system that you cannot miss. It doesn’t matter where you are now, if you have your own project or if you are very busy with another business, DotComSecretsX is  flexible and is a lifetime opportunity!

DotComSecretsX can be combined with many  SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers). You don’t need to change everything, but simply adapt your marketing funnel to DotComSecretsX.

If you’ve struggled with your business opportunity or your SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) until now, you will quickly be boosted as a DotComSecretsX member.

Along with the special introductory price of $1 to start the DotComSecretsX coaching , the coaching system also offering an easy training that will guide you STEP-BY-STEP from day 1 to day 30 on how to make money online.

As you can see, these are just a few of the great products which are available as part of the DotComSecretsX system that you have to offer:

For $1 for a 30 day period, Russel’s coaching will put you through 30 days of training and assignments, with specific tasks to complete each and every day, so that you can be making money before the end of the first month. That is actually the point in every online business! During this time you can earn 40% commissions on any of the products in the system. And 10-25% commissions on the second level!


To Your Success



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