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Day 28 – Is Amway Still An Opportunity?

Hello Folks! Day 28 today of the 100 day blogging marathon challenge! How are you today? Many people are confusing network marketing with an illegal pyramid and they think that every network marketing distributor is annoying and pitchy. This false picture of the network marketing industry is well established from the first steps of mlm. […]

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Day 4B- Is it Compulsory to succeed in MLM?

Hello folks, just for a second time in the fourth day of this 100 days marathon challenge, l commited to. How is it going? l was installing an update on my new blog website, when finally the hosting crashed… Yes it happens to everyone sometimes, especially when he is a newbie, like me! On top of that, l lost everything l had on it -fortunatelly not so many posts- but l am waiting with anxiety the servers to restart and to reinstall my blog from scratch. Nobody is perfect. Second time, better results.

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