Sex and Drugs, is it all Rock and Roll?


Sex and Drugs, is it all Rock and Roll?

Try as I might, I can’t remember having met anybody in my life who was satisfied with his or her sex life and didn’t want to change anything. And it’s not that sex was bad or anything. People simply want a lot of variation in their sex lives; they are always searching for the elusive “something else”. Other men or boys prefer to visit an athens escort or athens escorts.

That’s how they get to enacting fantasies, using toys and other props, looking for new sex partners, trying different moods and locations, Or using alcohol and drugs to spice things up. Judging from the fast lives people have today and from their interest in being entertained all the time, I’d say there’s a lot of spice going around.

The top problem with drugs is that different people respond in different ways. This means there’s no guarantee as to the effects, much less when moods can also interfere with drugs. The second biggest problem is that drugs interfere with the flow of blood, motivation or arousal response. Let’s take a look at the most common drugs and their effects on love-making.

LSD, mescaline, psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and all the other psychedelic substances should really be left only to artists and adventurer types. The effects are much too unpredictable to be of any consistent use. While it’s true that these psychoactive substances make people much more aware of each other, they are also very unlikely to promote sexual arousal.

Bad hallucinations and moods could turn sex into a traumatic trip best left outside your range of experiences. Stimulants come next. Cocaine and amphetamines are stimulants of the nervous system and people take them to feel the cool rush to the brain. But they don’t always mix well with sex. Both cocaine and amphetamines are known to cause problems with achieving erections and orgasms.

While making orgasm more difficult is a recipe for longer sex, this could also lead to chaffing of the intimate parts, something which is highly NOT recommended. The same goes for opiates. Drugs like opium, codeine, morphine and heroin are well-known for decreasing the libido and making erections more difficult. And it’s only fair, if I may say so.

The 30 seconds of pleasure given by sex are a poor match to the four or eight hours of euphoria and tranquillity generated by opiates. People who use opiates tend to experience solitary pleasures and do not feel the need to share that is crucial for sex. On the other hand, the self-contained sense of peace given by heroin is not the same as the shared moments of peace that bind a couple.

Ecstasy is yet another risky choice. Although MDMA makes people like each other, it is not recommended for sex. MDMA is more of an empathy drug that opens people up and makes them comfortable with themselves and friendly to others. Just like some of the above-mentioned substances, MDMA interferes with the sympathetic nervous system and impairs erections.

Some Ecstasy users seek to offset this effect by taking Viagra at the same time as Ecstasy, which is not a good idea. Arguably, the most important effect of all drugs is the obliteration of inhibitions and self-consciousness, which allows partners to enjoy sex more and to act out all repressed fantasies. However, the loss of inhibitions is also the reason why users of recreational drugs have unprotected sex with perfect strangers who don’t always mean well.

Having a blast in bed is a great experience. Waking up with various STDs, without the wallet and keys and at a completely unknown location next to a completely unknown person who doesn’t look as good as she/he did last night, is not. In the end, the choice is yours. If you want to take a chance and risk your health and life, a simple article isn’t going to stop you.

Still, for your sake try to pause and think before taking any unnecessary risks. Have fun, but stay safe. You can always visit an athens escort or athens escorts, who will never put you in any danger.

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