The sewage cleaning business in Greece, one of the most competitive markets


After a small break of no less than 6 years, l return back to the SEO and the web design industry with a lot of new experiences. But i think the most intense one is the fierce competition than the local SEO and the local market has many times.

One of the most competitive markets in terms of SEO l think is the sewage cleaning business (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ) in Athens, Greece. The competitive rivalry is out of space with new newcomers and new websites every month.

Local SEO had stretched to the maximum, while nobody is so sure where the ranking will be in three or six months time. It is wiser to do more steady link building and concentrate on the simple, painful and slow white hat SEO, with slow link building and not to try to reap the low hanging fruits.

Despite the fact that the competition is quite fierce and the positions on Google’s search engine results are only 10 on the first page, l know that in the long run l will win and only the most experienced, most persistent SEOs will prevail.

What will be the results? Nobody knows as many new sites are competing for a bunch of keywords with many others to follow.

Is the sewage cleaning business so profitable in Athens, Greece? Maybe. The main thing is that every technical profession had shifted the last decade to the internet and the search engine marketing which is two things. Google Ads or organic SEO. Both are very expensive options with the cost per click to reach in some cases the 2,00€ per click.

2,00€ per click is quite high for the Greek standard of living, when a median salary is 800€. However where else in the world is the cost per click cheap? l think at the current moment, nowhere. CPC had climbed to the top.

That’s all for know guys, l will write back soon about my personal SEO experiences and my personal SEO journey.

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