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Robert Kiyosaki

When l used to work as a financial manager in a construction company,  in 2008 three months after l took over my position, l came to the owner with a very revealing report. Before l started my presentation, l asked him thoroughly: Do you know Robert Kiyosaki? The answer was a vague no. Then l begin with my report presentation where l projected the financial collapse of our company in less than three months and the total bankruptcy in the next 6 to 12 months. No more to say that nobody believed me. Three years later, l pop by the owner accidentally on a pedestrian road in the downtown. He was enlightened to see me again. He told me how right l was and every projection l made was true. The company went bankrupt exactly in the time l projected. He actually told me with stomp that l am an economy Prophet! Very ridiculous! Then he asked me what will happened next?

Am l a prophet?

In the ancient times people were governed by superstition and they usually were advising Oracles. The most well-known Oracle of the Ancient Greece was The Delphi Oracle. Did l used a similar method to make that economic projections? No, because l am not a prophet. l just know how to read and interpret the income statements. After five years of economic schooling and business education l didn’t know a word about the income statement and l could not figure out what was an asset and what was a liability.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Education

The reason why the poor remain poor while the rich get richer is mainly one: Education. Poor people go to school, to get good grades to go to college to get job, to join the 40 years formula. While the rich people are teaching to their children everything about investments, assets and liabilities, and how to get money to work for them. How did l know that? Because l studied Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert kiyosaki is a well-known author and economic leader and advisor that had two dads. One Rich. One Poor. The philosophy of Rich Dad was built from a simple lesson learned by Robert Kiyosaki at an early age. He had two dads, one rich and one poor.

Robert’s poor dad, his natural father, was highly educated, the head of the Hawaiian school system, and enjoyed a decent salary. Yet, he constantly complained about having being broke and continually said, “I can’t afford it.”

Robert’s rich dad, his best friend’s father, was a high-school dropout building a business. He wasn’t wealthy. Yet, he constantly enjoyed the finer things in life and always asked, “How can I afford it?”

The contrast between Robert’s two dads taught him a great lesson. Robert realized his poor dad’s outlook suppressed his dreams and closed his mind to the possibility of financial freedom. He died penniless and full of regret.

His rich dad’s outlook elevated his dreams and opened his mind to life’s possibilities. He achieved great wealth, financial freedom, and enjoyed life to the fullest. Both were good and highly capable men. But only one lived richly.

Rich Dad Action Strategy

Personally, l admire Robert Kiyosaki. He is very unique and innovative. The education he offers has millions of dollars value. l bought all his books, audio books, games and seminars. l have more that 48 dvds, audios, ebooks from Robert Kiyosaki. He is great!

Financial Literacy is The Key to the Rich Life.Throughout his life, Robert’s rich dad taught him many valuable, financial lessons. Sometimes Robert listened. Sometimes he had to learn the hard way. But by applying these lessons, Robert became financially free and retired.

I f you want to get out of the rat race and put your life in the fast track of making real wealth and learning how to build assets, to make multiple streams of passive income and to enjoy the finest things life has to offer then you have to start your financial education with Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki.


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