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Personal Branding Tips For Marketing Hits!

June 28, 2012 |


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Yes, Branding is the game and is the name! l like pretty much rhyming today! Here are some very helpfgul tips, to make internet shine with your presence!


1. Take a free signature that you can use it in your email. You can find a free service from wisestamp. You can see my personal signature in the end of the post.

2. Start a personal blog with your personal photo or banner on the top like mine.

3. Get a personal domain name with your name on it like or mike .com or Prefer top level domain name. l personally use Godaddy for my domains because its very easy to use and offers the cheaper solutions on the net. Use your personal domain as a personal email of the type Stop using the free email services. By using your personal email, you are building your personal brand, every time you send an email, even to your friends!

4. Write an author profile, inserting your photo on it. You need to write a paragraph about yourself and make a self promotion fo you. Imagine that you are a service or product and have to be promoted. What are the good characteristics that you have to edify?

5. Start a facebook group about a topic or a hobby you love and start interact with people. Build a timeline with your photo.

6. Get your page where you can use it a a social proof or a social bookmark page.

7. Open an account at ezinerticles, or in other article services such as goarticles, article alley, article mark to refer to some of the major of them. There are thousands of article services where you can place yourself as an expert in something, as an expert in mountain bikes, as an expert in differ taxation policies etc. There are thousands of niches to penetrate and build your personal brand. Find one that you like most and do not to hesitate to start.

8. DO you want to achieve the biggest brand recognition? Start video marketing, you can use the free service of tube mogul or try traffic geyser! Its’ only one dollar for 14 days! Traffic Geyser offers max exposure by implementing the 10x10x4 formula of video marketing they have. It is one of the best services l tried on the web and they offer a very step by step video marketing education for everyone. You don’t have to be a video marketing expert to begin, start now!

9. Alright, you don’t want to be so professional, start your youtube channel, collecting videos or even making your own! You can have a youtube channel like mine. Youtube free service offers the maximum exposure you can get as an amateur building your personal brand.

10 Get a flickr account and starting posting photos. Flickr is a free community and you can get your account almost instantly.

11. Get 10.000 followers on twitter! At the current moment i have only 500, but l am sure that during the year l will hit 10.000 followers! Be a twitter magnet! Click on the link to follow on twitter. Twitter is a microblogging service that every user can blog its thoughts or its science project or everything he wants and be seen by thousands of people! Since twitter is fully integrable with facebook and all the other major social media, you can easily leave your social proof there!

Don’t be afraid to build your personal brand! Avery big politician, every actor has everything of the above! Its your time now!


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 Personal Branding Tips For Marketing Hits!

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personal branding tips for marketing hits

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