new home based business trends in america

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New Home Based Business Trends In America

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New Home Based Business Trends In America

Did you know that a new home based business is started every 12 seconds in America?  Today this trend is being accelerated by the power of internet, social media and the global emerging crisis. Will you survive?

America is the leading economy and society in the world.  $427 billion per year is made by Home Based Business. It is by far the most emerged society from political aspect. The presidential election system provides government stability and standard election periods. Every banking problem or crisis is being solved within 48 hours. On the other hand other countries that were quite developed need years to overpass their internal economic crisis and start generating wealth.


There are 38 million Home Based Business

There are 38 million Home based business in the United States. In the next five years this will be doubled. Due to the unemployment rate that is 7% and the halted recruitment by the fortune 500 companies, the only solution is to start your own business. You can buy a franchise with only $ 200.000! A MacDonalds franchise  is valued only 1,9 million dollars! The cost of capital is so high that only the 5% of the new business can cover. Is  any alternative solution for you? Yes, Home Based Business.

44%  of Home Based Business are started for under $5,000! The need for capital is not so high. Many people are starting an Internet Based Home Business. There are many home business opportunities on the internet and with the new technology there is no reason to use a phone or any other physical communication medium. A nice designed company or professional blog, a new idea and you are in! If you don’t have your own idea, it doesn’t matter! There are many opportunities to pick and be a reseller! You can pick one of the 6.400 network marketing opportunities or one of the thousands products that ClickBank offers. All you need is a click bank account, a paypal account and an email list!

Most network marketing programs are giving 20% to 50%, while  affiliate programs starts from 25% to 75% commissions! Only Empower Network gives 100% commissions to new affiliates, without volume requirements!


Home Based Business Opportunities

If you find yourself to the 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed, then it’s time to think about your next step in Home Based Business Era! Don’t be afraid of failure since 70% of the Home Based Business succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular business! But don’t be afraid of success! Success is a journey, not a destination!

l personally suggest you, to make your own due diligence in every new opportunity. l myself participate in more than 12 home business opportunities and here is a list of my best hand-picked opportunities for you:

Network Marketing

Organo Gold

Want to be the next coffee millionaire? Do you like coffee and fast cars? Then Organo Gold is the right opportunity for you!

Zeek Rewards

Are you a computer geek? Are you a technology guy? Or simply you want to try something different? Zeek Rewards is the best choice for you to start absolutely Free! Note that it is the only network marketing with no upfront costs at all!

Both companies have great momentum and have strong leadership and support. That means they are real and true opportunities!

Afiliate Marketing

DotComSecrets X

  • Free Coaching Program
  • Get paid on 2 tiers
  • Great residual income

Instant Traffic Systems

  • Great $1 trial
  • High converting traffic offer
  • Earn residual commissions

Empower Network

Do you want to earn 100% commissions? Do you want to earn $2.000 to $4.000 per month in the next three to six months? Do you find blogging sexy? Empower Network is the best pick for you!

Internet Marketing Illuminati

  • Controversial offer
  • High Earnigs Per Click  and Recurring
  • Fun to promote

90 Second Squeeze Page

  • Make money giving away software!
  • Earn DCSX commissions from upsell
  • Great “FREE” offer

There are many other very good marketing programs and services to start with. You can choose five or six of them and then build your customer list with them. It is wise to have 8 to 9 different online streams of income. So, choose more than one and choose wise! Find which you love best!

If you want to get updates about new home business opportunities, free offers and free staff every week on your mailbox just join my newsletter! It is a free service and will save you time and money!

Start making money online from home now!

Home Based Business Stats

A new home based business is started every 12 seconds in America

There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA

70% of the Home Based Business succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular business

44%  of Home Based Business are started for under $5,000

70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed

$427 billion per year is made by Home Based Business


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new home based business trends in america

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