My last visit in Santorini gave my this strange hunch for SEO

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My last visit in Santorini gave my this strange hunch for SEO

Last summer, 2019 l went to a three day trip to Santorini by ferrie and l realized how wonderful is to live a life like a digital nomad.

Thanks to some clients of mine that l do SEO, -quite successfuly for a couple of years- l managed to get back to Santorini after 30 years.

No l wasn’t absent from Santorini, but the last time l was there, lt was in 1989 when l was at the tender age of 10!

The beauty of this island is unique!

Thousands of people around the globe, Americans, Indians, Chinese and Australians are visiting the island who is quite crowded all over the year from March till October. But it is fantastic, a paradise on earth with unmatched beauties and very hospitable people.

And when l say very hospitable, l real mean it. l went with my car and l blocked the street for five minutes. When l went to pick up my car again, it was two buses of the line trying to pass, manouvreing without cornign or making a sound.

l felt really stupid, but nobody told me anything and they could.

What l have done in Santorini?

The first thing l done was to take an Island Tour by Santorini Tours.

Since l went there alone, l had to mix with new guys and girls and of course practise my english that was buried on my mind for ages. Being a graduate from a British University was really helpful in learing and acquiring a new language, but keeping this language alive is another task.

What l have done after Santorini?

l went back to my office and opened some pages about Santorini SEO.

As you know SEO is my obsession and my passion and l always try to find new gaps in the market, learn and employ new tactics and beat the competition over the counter or under the counter.

But Santorini SEO as a kewyord has so little competition and no searches at all so it was more an act driven by enthousiasm, than logic.

Think twice and next time better, every man makes mistakes.

That’s all for today, l am glad you read my blog, and please drop a line on the comments!

Santorini was one of my greatest experinces l ever had!


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