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Making Money With Google Sniper

August 12, 2012 |


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Making Money With Google Sniper

Google Sniper is an online course that enters you in the magic world of internet and affiliate marketing with the speed of light. The course is designed by George Brown, a very young and ambitious super affiliate that makes a six figure income by simply building sniper blogs.

l noticed this affiliate program for two main reasons, because it is realistically simple and because you can make with only $100 investment $100 per month or more! The second reasons is that the creator of the program, is far away from the high paid fat cat gurus and is a real common person like you and me, fact l  like very much. You are going to love him and his online course.


Google Sniper System

Google sniper system is about building various small sniper blogs that make $100 to $1.000 per month.  This system is so simple that the only cost you have is the domain name and hosting. Usually this investment is less than $100 per annum. Then you need to add some sniper good content and you can start monetize your blog with affiliate programs or  Google Adsense.

Google sniper has a very easy success system that is based on three fundamental steps:

1. Find  the right keywords

2. Blog Optimization and traffic creation

3. Conversion and maximizing site profits


Find  the right keywords

Finding the right keywords is of great essence in your sniper site. You can use the free google keyword tool to find a profitable market niche.You need a high traffic keyword or you won’t get many visitors to your site and therefore not make any money or much money. You want a keyword that is linked to buying or to market niche where people are buying.

Finally, you should take a keyword that ranks in the first page results of google. Finding the right keyword is a unique skill itself and in Google Sniper Course you can learn exactly how to find rare keywords with first page rankings. Long tail and obscure keywords are out of the question. Google sniper is of building high traffic blogs only.

You should also get a domain name with the best keyword of your market niche in order to achieve higher google rankings.

If you are already expecting with anxiety to start you 1$ trial with Google Sniper 2 just  click below:


Blog Optimization and traffic creation


Blog optimization consists of on page and off page optimization.

On page optimization has to do with all the on site features that play a critical role in search engine ranking. If you don’t get on page optimization right, then you will not rank at all. If you won’t tell google what your page is about and provide exactly what the spiders are expected to find, you will not rank.

Off page optimization has to do with link building, social bookmarking and so many other time-consuming things.

By optimizing your sniper site well you will have a constant flow of traffic. This traffic is 100% free and it is not affected by the Google Zoo upgrades, such as the Google Penguin Upgrade which ruined many web site rankings.

With Google Sniper blog generation method you will never have problems with the future google updates.


Conversion and maximizing site profits

If you don’ convert any of your site traffic into leads and customers, then you are not going to make any money. If you are converting some visitors but not the most you could, then you are losing money.

With google sniper you could have almost 10% to 20% conversion rate by simply preseling you products or services.

Preselling will make the difference for you, if you are now making a $100 you can go instantly to a $1000 per month by simply preselling your services. Preselling can take many forms such as good copywriting, free offers, good blog design, friendly colours and valuable content.

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Why l Joined Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is a fool-proof system. It is the simplest and most value for money internet marketing program l have tested from ClickBank, and believe me l have tried personally more than 20 programs at the current moment. Google sniper makes more sense because it has no comments but only the real core substance you need to know in order to achieve on the internet.

Also, you cannot get confused or feel overwhelmed. The information included in the program is enough to make you money and if you duplicate the success model then you can make a lot of sniper sites, multiplying your income.

The sniper site income is residual and the business model it is not only viable but scalable. Finally it could be combined well with other affiliate programs or network marketing programs.  You can use the sniper tactics on you main blogging site or on your already running internet business.


If you are already expecting with anxiety to start you 1$ trial with Google Sniper 2 just  click below:



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making money with google sniper

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