life without google

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Life Without Google

July 5, 2012 |


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Life Without Google

Have you ever felt deprived from google? l just got banned from google, the previous week. So now l have to live a googless life. My life without google.

When l opened the email, the keyboard slipped off my hands, l was petrified, l couldn’t believe it Google has banned me! l could not even believe it! l Have to live my life without google.

At the first two days l could’ sleep in the night, l couldn’t eat. Time stopped for me . l grow anger, l felt like David and Goliath, a giant like google to ban a small and humble like me for every google adword tool, for every google advertising account, it was a nightmare! My life on the blogsphere was pointless. How can l be ranked on the first page? How could only have organic traffic on my blog? How will l make money? How could l live? My stomach ached, my legs was crawling, l was petrified!

Then my mind was turning to a dead-end point, thinking about all of these dangerous endangered species, the pandas, the penguins, the caretta caretta.

l used to cry for days. l thought to write an email to google, to ask them why? What l have done to them and they deprived me from their advertising program? How badly google treated me. Now l have to live my life without google.

Google break me and kissed me goodbye with the kiss of death from the web, to the end of love. Throw me to the outer space.

After a broken-hearted week, having no more tears to cry, l finally found a little strength inside me. l said what the heck Google! l will survive! You think l ‘d crumble? You ‘d think l ‘d lay down and die? I will survive!

My googless life was no more pointless, l would survive without google, organic results are not so important, however the 5% of my blog site traffic was organic traffic from google.

l got inspired, l got up and l understood that google is not the center of the universe, it is just a search engine!

Never mind google! l made my decision, l will survive! l will live my life without google!


life without google

life without google

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life without google

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life without google

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  1. Welcome to the Google Less Club I was added three years ago.. The Joys of IM we need to keep all our eggs in different baskets.. And we will be fine.

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