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Day 42 – Is DotComSecretsX a Scam?

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Day 42 – Is DotComSecretsX a Scam?

Hello Folks! l heard many people talking about DotComSecretsX. Many have joined but they asked whether it is a scam? Because they told you that you will make money on the internet. Is it another get rich quick scheme? l have done my research, and l got so excited with Dotcomsecrets X, l got myself in!

Definitely Dotcomsecrets X is not a scam! Russel Branson is a very respectable young internet entrepreneur that has developed over the years a very attractive internet marketing coaching system that you cannot miss. It doesn’t matter where you are now, if you have your own project or if you are very busy with another business, DotComSecretsX is  flexible and is a lifetime opportunity!

DotComSecretsX can be combined with many  SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers). You don’t need to change everything, but simply adapt your marketing funnel to DotComSecretsX.


 DotComSecretsX  Video

If you’ve struggled with your business opportunity or your SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) until now, you will quickly be boosted as a DotComSecretsX member.

Along with the special introductory price of $1 to start the DotComSecretsX coaching , the coaching system also offering an easy training that will guide you STEP-BY-STEP from day 1 to day 30 on how to make money online.

As you can see, these are just a few of the great products which are available as part of the DotComSecretsX system that you have to offer:


This is only about half of the SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers) available in DotComSecretsX, and still only part of why I’m excited to bring you this DotComSecretsX post!

In fact, you have no better way to grow a MASSIVE list than to have a set of irresistible offers!

For $1 30 day period, Russel’s coaching will put you through 30 days of training and assignments, with specific tasks to complete each and every day, so that you can be making money before the end of the first month. That is actually the point in every online business! During this time you can earn 40% commissions on any of the products in the system. And 10-25% commissions on the second level!

But that’s not all. He had also integrated his Network Marketing business on the back-end of his funnels which was exactly what I’ve been working to put together. So you might be getting the idea now, after some of this DotComSecretsX review, that’s a no brainer to at least check out for the $1.

When you have a 32 year old internet multimillionaire show you for 30 days exactly step-by-step what to do for ONLY $1, you can’t miss. Only the education they offer such as the Internet Marketing Illuminati is cost more than $100.000 plus the free DCSX Journal, the Swipe  Copy Files etc. Only the Swipe copy files are 1300 pages long of successful sales letter to take some ideas for your own. You also get the Scetchcasts, helpful other educational videos and how to guides, that will boost your business to the next level.

If you can guide someone to something that will help them make money, and you learn while you go how to ramp your business up to the next level and beyond,  things get really exciting.


My DotComSecretsX Personal Testimonial

In only 7 days, l have created 200 leads with only free methods simply following the system! l use the system daily and l ma very excited! l know that it is a secure way to make money online and it is suitable for everyone who wants to start an home based business.

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is dotcomsecrets x a scam

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