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Income Plan

Introducing the Organo Gold Get Paid Seven Ways Pay Plan: You’ve seen the enormous income potential in the coffee market. Now its time to see exactly how Organo Gold is revolutionizing the way distributors get compensated. With our compensation plan you get seven (7) different paths to the cash! In fact, Organo Gold decided to put you first and proves it every day because…..

Never in direct sales history has something so powerful occurred.

In detail below, we’ve laid out seven ways you could have obscene amounts of cash flowing to you very quickly. Where You generate “passive-walk away” income (month after month), regardless of your past experience, lack of experience or even the economy. In fact, in a down economy, having a seven ways to get paid business gives you a tremendous advantage.

There’s no other product, no other business, no other marketing system or pay plan that does for you what Organo Gold and The Coffee Success System does.

Pay close attention because this whole marketing model is better than marketing ice water in the desert.  And it works because, we’re talking about marketing coffee and we both know just about everyone drinks coffee, right?.

“So, is the pay plan good?” you ask.

No it’s not good, It’s GREAT!!!  In fact, it’s so good, Direct Sales Experts who literally create, publish and mathematically verify the validity and profitability of pay plans not only LOVE this plan, they are secretly getting into Organo Gold business!

The nuts and bolts of pay plans are usually boring and tedious with strange words like “uni-level”, “binary” and “generational”… But let’s face it. The average person doesn’t have a clue what any of this means, and frankly doesn’t care.

You probably don’t care either, you just want to get paid.

So here are a few ridiculously easy ways you do get paid; if you catch this, you’ll once and for all put an end to any concern you’ve ever had about generating all the money you’ll ever need. I’m going to spell this out in simple language anyone can understand — whether you’re some kind of direct sales PhD master networker or just an average “Joe lunch bucket”.

The main thing you must remember is that Organo Gold has the exclusive Get Paid Seven Ways Pay plan. And don’t you think getting paid seven ways is better than only getting paid once…

 The OG Benz Club

Introduced in January 2012, The OG Benz Club

Now giving coffee away can put you behind the wheel of a black Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborgini, or Bentley.

We have some people qualifying for their Benz in a single WEEKEND!

Volume Requirement :For each month that you achieve the pay rank of Sapphire or above, you are entitled to receive the bonus payment for the corresponding pay rank.

Bonus payments are solely based on your pay rank for the qualifying month. Payments will be adjusted according to your pay rank for a particular qualifying month. For example, if you are a Ruby in the first month, and you achieve the rank of Emerald in the following month, your bonus payment will be adjusted to the bonus corresponding with the Emerald rank in the following month

Bonus payments are to be used ONLY towards payment of a qualified vehicle. Bonuses will be paid as part of the monthly commission cycle.

 1. Retail Sales

We market Ganoderma based products: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate plus a full line of nutraceuticals and there’s phenomenal money in having others buy their products from you.  With this coffee, you set any price you want. So, when someone buys from you, you’re going to make a nice profit. How nice?  Well, how does up to $5.00 per cup sound?  Your cost is a mere pennies per cup. 50% or 500% its up to you, make as much as you want!

2. Fast Track Bonuses- Weekly

When someone else also sees this goldmine and decides that making a ton of extra money is something they’d like to do and they join your fast growing team by becoming an OG Representative with an OG Builder Pack, you, as their sponsor, you will earn a Fast Track Bonus as follows that pays you immediately up to $150.  Here are the details of how you’re paid for their purchase.

This is an additional bonus that is PAID to you for each and every new representative you personally enroll with one of the above packages.  Remember, there are NO weekly or monthly limits on the amount of New OG Representatives you may personally enroll, so there is no limit to the amount of income you can receive from the OG Fast Track Bonus Program.

3. Dual Team Bonus- Weekly

Do you know at least 2 people who drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?

If so, then you’re also qualified to receive a weekly Dual-Team Bonus!

The Dual Team concept is derived from a structure that allows you to be eligible for income with only two personally sponsored (2) Representatives, one on your Left Side Sales Team and one on your Right Side Sales Team, allowing you to focus on developing your organization by helping others do the same.

This incredibly viral component can build your team like wildfire.  With just each person knowing and referring two people that also love coffee, imagine seeing your team grow by 2, to 4, to 8, 16, 32, 64,128,256,512,1024,2048, 4096….  Do you see the power of how this can just go crazy?

You will also receive Dual Team Bonuses from an infinite number of OG Builder Packs & 1st Time Purchases in your organization, paid up to 50% of the generated Commissionable Volume (CV).

Qualified OG Representatives will be paid 20% of the PAY LEG (weaker leg) volume to an unlimited depth in sales increments of 50PV.  Any unpaid volume will be carried forward to the next week so long as rank qualification requirements are met.

IMPORTANT: To activate and qualify your Dual Team Income Center.  Personally enroll (2) OG Representatives (or above) who generate at least 50PV each.

4. Unilevel Bonus-Monthly

As a qualified OG representative, you’ll earn cash from this bonus on all of your team and customers reorders and “auto ship” for life! What does this mean? Think about this; when people run out of coffee, what do they do? They order more! They do it month after month after month. Automatic. In your pocket! Again, for life!

You get paid outrageous commissions up to 9 levels and up to 5% per level. This is heart of your lifetime residual (month after month-walk away) income- You will receive bonuses from product orders and re-orders generated in your organization (except for OG Builder Packs and 1st Time Orders) down to nine levels deep!

When your people simply replenish their coffee supply… You Get Paid Again!!

This bonus is actually even more powerful than the dual team, because it gets paid on each and every person in your business.

 5. Unilevel Matching Bonus-Monthly

This part of the pay plan will put your income into high gear. Not only does OG pay you the unilevel bonus from section 4 but OG will also pay you up to 50% of the Uni-level Bonus earned by your personally sponsored OG Representatives’ Uni-level Bonus.  The more people you personally refer, OG rewards you as you build your organization. If you have 20 personally sponsored Og Reps, you get up to 50% of their section 4 unilevel bonus.

Imagine sponsoring “a big dog”.  You know, the kind of person that’s got the golden touch.  Maybe someone that’s an expert marketer or a networker selling something else, or someone that is so fired up about Organo Gold that they are building their business at the speed of light.. Guess what? they Are building your business too because you are going to get up to 50% of their bonus!

Again, think about what other people are marketing now. You probably know a few “big dogs”.

Are they selling travel, juices, magnets, pills, energy drinks? Are people really going to continue to buy that stuff with a down economy?  Probably not. But you better believe they will buy coffee!

So, show a “big dog” this business, someone you know who will make HUGE checks in any business, and you will generate up to 50% of their uni-level bonus each time they are paid! This is a ridiculously huge gift straight to you from OG!

By the way, there is NO Limit to the number of people you can enroll. You can generate and infinite number of checks here. Imagine, not 1 big dog, but 2, 5 … 10.  You get the picture.

 6. Generational Leadership Bonus- Monthly

As you develop Leadership within your organization, your rewards grow exponentially. When you reach the level of Regional Consultant (or above), and as you develop new Regional Consultants (and above) within your organization, you will be paid down to as many as four (4) generations of Regional Consultant (and above). In some instances, you may be paid an Infinite number of levels.

There is now way of estimating your specific income amounts from this bonus, but this is level where all the big dogs hunt. Once you reach this level your income is sky high and unstoppable!

 7. Global Pool Bonus- Quarterly

Reaching for the stars has its own reward. Three percent (3%) of OrGano Gold’s Worldwide Uni-level CV will be shared by qualified Ruby Consultants, Emerald Consultants and Diamond Consultants. Shares are earned monthly, and are calculated and paid quarterly.

When you consider that the stated goal of Organo Gold is to be the largest Direct Sales Company in history with worldwide sales in the Billions, and Coffee Millionaire plans to make 100 millionaires in just two years there will be plenty of room at the top for YOU!!

So lets review… You now know that coffee is a huge business with unlimited profit potential for you. You Know that Organo Gold has the Healthier alternative to all the other coffee brands out there and you know exactly how Organo Gold will pay you seven different ways with no limits on your income.

Now it time for you to see exactly how you put it all together, The Coffee, The Pay Plan, and The Coffee Success Marketing System..

On the Next page you’ll discover how the Coffee Millionaire System will assist you in achieving your income goals, whether they are $1000 a month or $100,000 a month Organo Gold and the Coffee Success  System an get you there very soon.

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Income Plan

Income Plan