how to start an internet business blog part4

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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 4

July 6, 2012 |


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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 4

There are five big chapters in starting an internet business blog.

1. Niche

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization You are here!

5. Optimization


In this series we will cover this five huge aspects with simple words. Today we are going to talk about internet business blog monetization.


What is Internet Business Blog Monetization?

An internet business blog monetization is to convert traffic into customer that they will buy from us one of our products or services, in general. Sometimes this would happen by no conversion at all, if we target only to advertising income. After we have built our blog and we are generating traffic, we need to convert this traffic into leads, the leads into customers and then to repetitive buyers, affiliates, partners etc. That is the general principle. When will we see our blog to produce money? It depends, some people are starting making money for the first month blogging, while others are starting making money on the sixth month! Why is that? Because as every business it has a seed period before the monetization. The seed period will vary from 0-6 months.

How can we turn a visitor to a lead? By two simple steps.

1. By  Placing an email list opt-in form above in our blog, above the fold. Above the fold is a little bit of a technical term. It just means to have the email opt-in form high up. This is the center point for my business. As you can see in my  blog, l got an email list opt-in form right there on the right. This is the area above the fold. Why is it above the fold? It’s just above the fold because you can see it without me having to scroll downwards.This is where people join up. It’s very simple. Enter your name and email address and click that button and you are subscribed.

2.Incentivize the opt-in with an on-target offer that filters visitors and prospects. This is really important. It’s not enough to stick up an email newsletter saying, “Please join my email newsletter,” or something very simple that doesn’t give a reason why. You need to give a reason why they want to join this list in the first place, and that’s the incentive. l personally give away for free the e-book called MLM affiliate magic! That is a great incentive to start with.

An alternative way to opt in a new visitor is by using banners that they lead them to another opt in page or by using pop up windows. When we are using pop up windows, we should be very careful the bounce rate we have on our internet business blog. A high bounce rate is critical for the search engines. It is better not to use a pop up window and have lower bounce rate than to use it and have bigger. Our goals is to attract visitors in our blog, not to make them leave. Bounce rate is the percentage of the people who are looking on the first page of our blog and they just leave. A good bounce rate is to be less than 20%!. Bounce rates of more than 50% should be taken seriously into consideration.


Email Marketing

What is the next step? Will they buy or should we sell them something? Yes, as soon as we have them on our list, then we will need an email autoresponder, like aweber. In another article post l wrote about the imperative need to have an autoresponder in monetizing your internet business blog.

A late 2011 survey of US small businesses found over a third using email to advertise or promote their business. Only Facebook was more popular.

51% of small businesses surveyed by Zoomerang in 2011 use email marketing. Only websites were a more popular digital marketing tool.

68% of small businesses surveyed in mid-2011   listed email as their preferred marketing channel.


Why it works

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons…

1. It allows targeting very well your leads.

2. It is data driven, You can’t lie with statistics.

3. It drives direct sales, yes, every email message has a call to action if it use the Threeway Copywriting Formula

4. It builds relationships, loyalty and trust

5. It supports sales through other channels, or cross-channel sales or cross products. This is called also and buyer repetition.


Tips for creating a successful email marketing campaign

1. No spamming. Some basic rules: Don’t be misleading. Your emails from and subject line must be accurate. SOmetimes l open my email and it has more than 400 emails from the outer space! DO you think l read them?

2. Create a well design, action-oriented, or time restricted email subject. Besides making the subject relevant to your target audience it is also important to instill a sense of urgency or of importance. Remember to put some attractive marketing techniques.

3. Create a good readable design. l don’t focus only in the graphics but in the professional copywriting. Write to convert.

4. Offer free value to the user. Make a serial video for a helpful subject and write some articles, an ebook or something that will bit by bit keep your audience in touch and on fire! Make them ask for more and beg to buy from you! Beware we are not spammers and the mails are not a sales pitch.

5. Use Massive Action, the more email the more leads the more the final results. Keep in mind that your email campaign must have a loop of 15-25 messages and at least 7 or more. Please design well your campaign, as it is a real marketing campaign

6. Find swipe copy articles and try to adjust them to your email campaign. remember not to be overwhelming. Each article should be no more than 700 words. Video is even better or a combination.

As it may concerns, the general rule is that the 80 per cent of our leads are going to buy between the 6th-15th following up  email. SO that is the reason we mainly need the aweber email autoresponder.


 Types of Internet Business Blog Monetization

The types of internet business blog monetization are:

1. The magazine model. As we said before, it is monetization through advertising and the contextual model of advertising such as google Adwords. Or better for us is google Adsense were we can sell advertising to third parties. We can also do it through banner exchange or banner advertising.

2. Affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing we resell products or services form third parties with merely making a commission. The biggest affiliate marketing sites l suggest to work with is clickbank, commission junction, and Usually the commission is about 50%. Empower Network makes the difference by offering 100% commissions! to its affiliates and its product platform is designed to offer residual income. To join empower network and to make 100% comission, click here!

3. Network marketing. Network marketing is another monetization alternative, mostly neglected by many people and big companies in the online industry. Network marketing is the best online passive residual income building idea. One of the sources of income l have comes from network marketing. To learn more just click here to learn about my online income opportunity!

Personally speaking l don’t prefer advertising as a monetization method, l prefer building multiple streams of online income through my internet business blog! That is all about! It is to building online passive income for life! The optimum is to have at least 8 or 9 different income streams.


How To Raise Our Internet Business Blog Monetization Rate


A monetization rate of 1% of the total visitors is very good for our blog when we make the firsts steps. That means in every 100 visitors that go to our blog we make one sale! To analyze this more, for every 100 visitors we need 10% opt ins. Out of this 10 %, we need the 10% to become finally our customers! This sis how 1% comes from. When we are new in the game and we don’t have musch credibility, this will be lower, some people remark that they had 4% opt in rate or even less! But during the process, when you will build your personal brand and your social proof, then this percentage will rise dramatically. Some successful peers of mine have a 40-80 % opt in rate and 25% of it conversion rate! In every 100 visitors they make on average 20 sales!

Tips to raise your internet business blog monetization rate

Here are some tips to raise our monetization rate:

1. Create better personal branding for yourself.

2. Video marketing to establish credibility.

3. Email Newsletter service.

4. Position yourself as an expert.

5. Consider internet business blog redesign to make it more live and attractive.

6. Use attraction marketing techniques. You can learn more about attraction marketing here.

7. Improve your copywriting.

8. Raise web site traffic.


How much money will we make with our internet business blog?

This is a million dollar question, with many new bloggers to be impatient and want to make money fast. It depends on many cardinal things, bit the most common rule is that blogging needs some time to give back. The most common rule is about 3-6 months to start making some good money. Friends of mine are making thousands of dollars through their blogs and or even millions! Sky is the limit! It depends on the products or services you promote, the commission level, your network, your email list etc.

The best is to have a goal of making 2.000 $ to the next 3-6 months. If you find this amount extraordinary, just contact me to set some goals together about what strategy to follow to achieve this level of income. You can find my contact details here. Bear in mind that you should blog daily and market your blog daily!


Internet Business Blog Resources

The resources we need to start are:

1. Aweber

2. Google Adwords and Adsense

3. Empower Network

4. My online Income opportunity

5. ClickBank

6. Comission junction




If you want to learn more about internet business blogging,  join me in empower network, it’s only 25$!


How to start an Internet Business Blog Online Course

1. Niche

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization You are here!

5. Optimization



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how to start an internet business blog part4

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