how to start an internet business blog part1

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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 1

July 5, 2012 |


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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 1

There are five big chapters in starting an internet business blog.

1. Niche You are here!

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization

5. Optimization

In this series we will cover this five huge aspects with simple words.


What is a market niche?

In the first part of our e-course we are going to talk about the first thing we must do if we want to start an internet business blog. This is to find and define our internet business blog market niche. Why market niche is so important? How can we define the word market niche? A niche is a part of bigger market and has two key characteristics. It is homogeneous and visible from the other niches. A niche is a market segment of a bigger market. The consumer pie is divided in many smaller pieces, the segment and the segment is divided to market niches.

Why market niche is so important?

Market niche is so important because of competition.  If we have a small corner local shop, then we have only local competition. We made our market research and we find our market. It can generic or a niche. If we are in a small market we prefer more generic markets. On the internet is exactly the opposite. The market is huge, the general online stores are thousands for every country, so we have to find a small niche, that has small competition or it is undiscovered or not served. Choose a niche which satisfies both what you enjoy and what the market needs.

Target market

Another importance of our niche is because it defines exactly our target market. A target market can consist of more than one niche. For instance we can have the niche of Affiliate internet business owners and the niche of the mlm home business owners. Moreover, our target internet business blog market has to be predefined from us. For instance we should know exactly to who we are targeted, who is our audience. A n example of a target niche is the following:

Age: 25-35, North America, UK and Australia, online opportunity seeker, has 500$- 2000$ to start its own business, is teachable, goal oriented and has entrepreneurial spirit. Single or couple without children.

That is a market segment. A niche is all the above plus: is an mlm company distributor and has not online marketing training or a website, or very little online experience. He lacks of leads and he want to expand his business. That is a niche. We can have two or more niches for a start to split test them, and then on phase 5, in the optimization phase we will review again what to do, what to keep, what to add or what to throw out. Bear in mind that we must keep it simple.

Keyword analysis

To start an internet business blog, we should find as l said our market niche. How we find our niche? By keyword analysis. keywords analysis is very useful for two purposes. One for defining our niche and second for finding a good domain name. The domain name should be a top level domain, it should be recognizable and as short as possible. Many people prefer their company’s name or their personal name. This is a good practise when we need some personal branding. But in many cases a generic domain name cannot serve you well in terms of google ranking and search engine optimization.

The domain name should be easy to remember and it must describe your blog. Try not to be vague and not find a shine domain name that doesn’t reflects objectively what your blog is about.

Niche example

A friend of mine has started a network marketing business with organo gold. Organo gold has a unique patented coffee with ganoderma. Ganoderma is a herb that makes organo gold coffee the healthier coffee in the world. He had a generic affiliate site of the organo gold like, but in order to succeed he needed another blog site. After doing his market research, he made a competition analysis to see what the other distributors have, so he decided to take the domain name His niche is online opportunity seekers and healthier food or coffee enthusiasts. His option was not so bad, but in retrospect, he would take a more generic domain name, focusing on online opportunity seekers and less on the product. Because its domain name is restricting its niche and presupposes the topic, that is coffee on beforehand.

If l would like to find an opportunity to make money online or to start my own internet business blog, should l searched about coffee? Definitely not, why then not to search about soap? Funny, but true! What is a competitor analysis? Is about to see what exists already in the market. Who are our competitors. A fierce competition means high entry barriers in terms of money spend on marketing for market penetration. The lowest the competition the easier the market penetration. The easiest the market penetration means that we don’t have to spend a lot of money marketing in order to enter in this market niche. Our internet business blog will run smoothly and at a low budget.


What is competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis is to find who are our competitors and whether they cover the market. Do we have high competition or low? The lower the competition and the most searches has the niche keyword, the best to start. How do i know that l have low competition and a popular keyword? That is exactly what we are going to learn about google keyword. The basic rule of thumb is to have a low competition and a search enquiry of about 30.000 and more. That is a good start for our new internet business blog.


Internet Business Blog Resources

The resources we need to start is:

1. A domain name service provider like godaddy.

2. Google Keyword Tool.


If you want to learn more about internet business blogging,  join me in empower network, it’s only 25$!


How to start an Internet Business Blog Online Course

1. Niche You are here!

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization

5. Optimization


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how to start an internet business blog part1

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