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Day 65 – How to find a niche to monetize: Niche Monetization Secrets

August 14, 2012 |


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How to find a niche to monetize: Niche Monetization Secrets

The best market niche is the one that people are spending money on. You need to be able to monetize your niche so make sure it‟s got products and services to promote and desperate buyers to buy.

What is a desperate buyer?

When l say desperate buyer l don’t want to insult someone. We are looking for people who are willing to PAY for the solution of their problem and not are just tire kickers.

An awesome way to see the potential profitability of a niche  is to do a search for the term on Google and check to see if there‟s any and how many Adwords  for the term. AdWord affiliates will only display their ads for any length of time if they’re making them money after all.

However, you should find any relevant affiliate programs on Clickbank or in another affiliate marketplace. You should understand the market dynamics and that some market niches are selling better than the others. For instance, the lose weight market is a niche with raising population. The need for weight loss will raise dramatically in the upcoming years and many people will desperately want to lose weight.

Some new internet marketers have a significant problem in finding the proper niche to monetize. Niche monetization for them is a black box. l experienced the same problems in the past and what l understood is that you need to be open to every niche or product and second to be ready for testing and tweaking everything. Niche monetization is a game of creativity.


Keyword Monetization

Niche blogs are build upon basic keywords. The better the keywords, the better the monetization. l use the simple Adword keyword analysis tool to find good keywords.

Notice that the keywords cannot be very broad or too specific, you need good keywords with no less than 3.000 exact searches per month and no more than 30.000. Also, long tail keywords are out of the question. It is better to focus on two-word keywords than one word keyword or long tail.

For instance, it is better to rank for niche monetization than for niche or monetization separately. The last two keywords would have more competition and your site will be left behind the second page of google and the major search engines.

On the other hand, if you find a long tail keyword such as niche monetization blogging secrets, you will not have any strong competition but the search demand for this only keyword would be very rare. This is a general rule, you can do your own research or apply other rules and still achieve high rankings as well.

The keywords you are looking for should be relevant with your market niche. It is a strong connection between market niche and keywords. In fact the keywords are the market niche and the market niche consists of the niche keywords.

Bear in mind that you must not compete for high competing keywords. You have to find a balance between competition and traffic. Find the golden equation. If this is very difficult for you, then start five niches and try them all simultaneously. Niche monetization can be improved only by trial and error. It is better having five choices than one. Then focus on the best choice you made and try to improve this specific blog.

One big mistake l have done in the start was l listened to the gurus. After some months l run out of money by simply buying their hight ticket programs and following their false advice. Nobody is an authority. The only trustworthy authority is YOU and you need to find the way to monetize your niche or your blog.


Niche Monetization Benchmarking Tips

Some great ways to find profitable keywords or to see whether the keywords you find are profitable or not, are by benchmarking the competition. Go to the google search and search for your candidate keywords you picked. What are the first 1o site results? Who are your competitors?

Look at their blog content, the affiliate programs the offer, the products or services they sell and the monetization methods they prefer. Do they use advertising monetization methods? Do they run their own affiliate program?

Also look at their Alexa ranking. Everything under  700.000 would usually mean this site is getting a lot of visitors. A lot of visitors means a lot of traffic and if the conversion rate is good , they are making a lot of money.

Find the best top 10 competitors for every one of  your keywords, if it seems that the competition is fierce and you cannot by no means enter this market with this keyword, you have only two choices: To change your keywords or to change niche.


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how to find a niche to monetize niche monetization

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