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Day 64 – How To Create a SEO Blog

August 13, 2012 |


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How To Create a SEO Blog


The main purpose of a professional blog site apart from the blog intangible benefits such as fame,  social networking, personal branding or simply blogging as a hobby, is to make money. In other words, the blog monetization. The 97% of the blogs make no more than $150 per month while many of them are not making any money. On the contrary, SEO blogs are built for instant monetization and higher profitability.

In the age of pay-per-click, automated blogs, complicated black hat and white hat tactics and social media marketing, many would consider my methods below too simple. They prefer to follow sophisticated GURU advice and pay a lot money for nothing. So they fail to make any money. Making money on the internet is simple, people are complicated.


What is a SEO blog?

A SEO blog is a blog that is optimized and tuned exactly for the people and the search engines. It has both the characteristics the search engines are looking for and the real people when they search for something to buy on the search engines.


SEO Blog Building Process

SEO blog building process has eight major steps for every SEO blog or site. The SEO blog process start with a deep and large research.  Bear in mind that a successful  start is the half of everything and the better you prepare your blog start-up, the better results you will have.


Step 1: Finding a profitable money-making opportunity


The first step in the seo blog building process starts by finding a profitable money-making opportunity and keywords to go along with it. A money-making opportunity it would be a niche where people want to buy something. A profitable niche would be the lose weight industry or the MLM Leads industry.


Step 2: Creating SEO blog foundations

The second step is to create the foundations of your site. That means getting a domain and installing the appropriate WordPress theme and WordPress plugins. The domain and hosting provider l use is Godaddy. As it may concerns about the blogging platform the only one way solution for me is the WordPress blogging platform.

When l have to choose a WordPress Theme, l always use a paid premium WordPress theme. Premium themes start from as low as $35 but l personally recommend Solostream or Optimize Press. Never use free themes. Period. Free themes are very good but they don’t provide any support and you don’t gain any credibility with poor graphics and cheap tricks.

The domain name should definitely contain your main market niche keyword. It is easier for the search engines to find the domain name than the A SEO domain name is the best start.


Step 3: Preselling

The third step is the preselling process. Preselling is very critical and it has to do with  how to write your site’s content so that you get the maximum conversion rate you possibly can out of your site. If your conversion rate is almost equal to zero, then you will not going to make any money. If it is low, then you are losing money, because your are not pushing your blog to its maximum potential.


Step 4: SEO blog optimization

SEO blog optimization is about how to optimize your site for complete domination of the search engine rankings. That has to do with the on site otpimization, the articles you have writen, the about me page and the keywords used on the article.

Some  very helpful wordpress plugins for blog optimization are WordPress SEO  By Joost de Valk, All in One Webmaster By arpitshah , Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold,  SEO Smart Links By Vladimir Prelovac and XML Sitemap Feed By RavanH.

There are many other SEO plugins, but l personally suggest the above because l use them and they are also FREE.


Step 5: Affiliate programs placement

Everything you need to do with your affiliate program links. Where to put them, how to cloak them and even what to say in them to get the most clicks. Moreover, what program to choose is of great essence as some of the affiliate programs are craps while many of them have fierce competition.

Try to use contextual and semantic links to your affiliate programs. For instance,  if you would like to mention a keyword that that afiliate program has, link this keyword to your affiliate sales page. if you place your affiliate program links strategically then you will have better results.


Step 6: Content Creation

The most important thing is to create some content for your blog. We have done some work on the steps 3 to 5 , but in this step you need to refine your blog content, write some more articles and add some pages or more links relevant to your market niche.

Try to write unique compelling and valuabele content, preselling well your affiliate programs. If you prefer to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, then you would need more content, at least 50 articles of 500-700 words. If you prefer to monetize your blog with afiliate programs, 20 good quality articles are enough to start ranking.

Also, some more pages apart the about me and the home page are useful. The need for a sitemap is also imperative. A good about me page would give you more credits. Take for example my internet business blog, l have 27 pages and more than 150 articles, videos etc.

Finally, you should add at least one video presenting YOURSELF or your product you promote. Google loves Youtube videos and you should post at least one. If you are not very keen on video marketing, you could learn video marketing for a measly dollar with TrafficGeyser.


Step 7: SEO blog backlinking and indexing

After finishing with the main content creation process you  need  to gain some quick backlinks and get your site indexed fast.


Step 8: SEO blog monetization: From $100 a month to $10.000 a month!

l  think the last step is the most daring, because is about how to turn this one blog site into a 6 figure business. Keep in mind that every blog is a business and you should treat you SEO blog site as a business. If you want to make real money of it you need to invest time and money first  to improve it and make the necessary tweaks possible.


SEO Blog Resources: Google Sniper


If you will ask me if l am making a six figure income from my blog, my answer is not yet, but l have a strong emerging income, as l only have two blogs in place. This Internet Business Blog and Paramarketing Blog. But in the following months and years l will pass the $10.000 per month.

How do l know it? l am very sentimental person and both my conscience and subconscious dictate it to me. If l make $1000 per month from two blogs, then l will need 20 of the same level to make $10.000 per month. Simple mathematics.

If you want to learn more about how to make from $100 a month to $10.000 a month, you can have a look at Google Sniper Program for a measly dollar! You will thank me later!





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how to create seo blog

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