How to conduct a proper SEO site analysis

onsite seo analysis

Our site analysis service includes the following services:

  1. Competition analysis
  2. Onsite analysis

Competition analysis

Competition analysis, in search engine optimisation is a great way of gathering valuable information about your target markets, trends and your current competitive position. SEO competition analysis provides us and our clients with a complete view of a specific competitive environment by way of various online research channels. Your competitors in SEO are those companies who rank above you in the search engines for your specific keywords.

SEO Competition analysis includes:

  • A list of successful key phrases your competitors are targeting
  • A report on your competitors’ sites including the level of SEO they have employed
  • A monthly research report on where and how your competitors are promoting their sites

By using competitive research for SEO and search engine marketing, it can help you to determine what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are using, what sites have backlinks to them and whether they are using a pay per click campaign for specific keywords to strengthen their search engine marketing potential.

Onsite SEO Analysis

By carrying out an onsite analysis ( sometimes you can find the onsite analyis as On Site SEO or Onpage SEO), the SEO experts clearly define the aspects that need to be improved to keep ahead of the competition. By using a wide range of tools and our extensive experience in various domains, we can successfully pin point and address issues in information architecture, usability and site efficiency, among other things. This results in a more user friendly and an effective website.

Our expert team of consultants at SEO will carry out professional site analyses for your website to ensure the formulation of the best SEO campaign.

If you have a website and want to rank higher on Google and in other major search engines, please ask for a quote today!

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