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Day 62 – How to become a Professional Blogger

August 11, 2012 |


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If you have any question about Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO, Make money onlineAffiliate Marketing or Even Network Marketing feel free to drop your questions using the contact form. Being a professional Blogger is not an easy job and it requires many skills and knowledge to turn your Blogging passion into a full-time blogging profession. Every day l devote a couple of hours to  answer the most important question by young and new Bloggers. Today with this post l will answer the most important questions on How to become a professional blogger.


Question 1: What primary skills  you need to master to  become a professional blogger?

The skills you need to master first are  the SEO basics, Photo editing, Grammar, Copywriting skills, Video creation, social media and web analytics to become a successful blogger and not just another blogger.

There are more than a 100 million blogs worldwide and only the 30% of them are active in a standard basis. Considering a blog career you will face a strong competition first in penetrating the blogging community, but gradually as you start learning and understanding the basic skills you will drive your blog to the next level.

When l started my blogging career, l didn’t understand nothing about SEO (Search Engines Optimization). l took many courses and read many books and after a period of three months l finally got it. Then l wrote an article SEO for Bloggers, as l realized that many people had the same problem in understanding SEO.

Take as much time you need to master the above blogging basic skills. Everybody has a different learning curve. It took me some months of intensive and even 19 hours per day of hard focused work, l think that you can do it in less time because you are smarter than me and because there are some great tools to use such us the free online coaching program.


Question 2: What sources of monetization do l have in my blog?

The options of monetizing your blog are many and it depends on your personality. If you are more creative you will be focused on content creation and if you are more analytic you will be focused on advertising.


There are many marketing funnels you can use  but from my personal experience, l started making my first blogging money with Google Ads and from low ticket $1 dollar affiliate programs such as DotcomSecrets X and many other. l prefered them because they are a source of  recurring income.


My first $10 l made was from Google Ads, after two months of dryness. After the low ticket SLO’s you can advance to higher ticket products such as Empower Network and Organo Gold which is a network marketing company with unique ganoderma coffee and strong online marketing. As a professional blogger you can add in your marketing funnel more products and services. l found that network marketing fits with the other products l sell and untill now it served me well.


Bear in mind that you need at least 8 to 9 passive online sources of income to consider your self as a professional blogger and enjoy the benefits of an internet lifestyle.


 Question 3: What course should l take to become a professional blogger?

l don’t recommend a single course only. You see not a single course can cover the field of professional blogging and make you a professional blogger. You need at least 7-8 courses combined and most of them are not exclusively build for teaching you the blogging skills. You will find that many of them are 30% blogging and 70% something else like affiliate marketing, it depends. It is always a balance between content creation and monetization.

What l recommend you to do when you start is to read as many articles and posts you can find about blogging. In my Internet Business Blog l have more than 35 articles about blogging. Here are some posts l recommend to you:

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Blogging Coaching Programms

After reading and learning more, you are ready now to pick your fist online course about blogging and internet marketing. Here are a couple of  courses l suggest that will boost your blogging career:


Google Sniper 2

Both of them are the easiest to start your online career and cost only $1, so they are not only risk free, but guru free! You are not going to pay any guru money to learn!

Finally, l would like to recommend as further reading my new Super Affiliate Marketing e-Book. Take your free copy!


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how to become a professional blogger

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