how l make 1000 a day with google ad sense

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Day 63 – How l Make $ 1000 A Day With Google Ad Sense!

August 11, 2012 |


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How l  Make $ 1000 A Day With Google Ad Sense!

Hello Guys! After three months of frustration and hard work, l  managed to make money at last! Yesterday, l had my first $1.013  day with Google Ad Sense! It is pretty amazing and you cannot imagine how easy it is to create money on the internet from thin air, working from home.

During this period, l had endorsed at least 12 online guru courses, some of them low ticket and some of them high ticket courses. l have tried the most expensive money-making software, l have redesigned my blogs at least three times and l have optimized them at least ten times. l have done almost everything and when l was ready to quit, suddenly my fate changed.

You see all this massive action had accumulated and transformed into wealth and l took my first $20 check. After that milestone event, a huge shift happened in my income and l start making every day more and more until l reached the $ 1000 a day level!


The GURU Frustration Period

The feeling of defeat is one of the worst l ever had working out the internet Guru scams. What is an internet guru scam?An internet guru scam is an internet plot based on false promises and fake expectations and money claims made on the internet. As you can understand, new technology has invented new tricks and you can manipulate everything on the internet with the use of the proper software.

You can create scammy videos showing unreal people making hundreds of dollars online. With Photoshop technology you can make false earning statements and present them as yours, etc.

Moreover, the things that many gurus are presenting as facts it may be real, but to an extent. When l am not telling the whole truth but only the half of it , then l make a false claim.

For instance, l have seen many internet marketing gurus claiming, l have made $10.000 online this month! Fantastic! The question is how much did you spend to make $10.000? Every business has inflows and outflows, expenses and income. If you spend $11.000 and you are making only $10.000, then you are doomed to fail! You are deep in the rat race and your business days are numbered!

What do you prefer best? To make $1.000 dollars a month and spend zero or to make $10.000 guru money and spend $9.000? Both income examples are great, but the second is a bit scammy as it doesn’t tells the whole truth.


How Not To Get Scammed

How to make $ 1.000 a day is easy, if you don’t get scammed by the gurus. Why l am telling you this? Internet marketing is a real business, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can make a lot of money on the internet if you acquire the skills needed. Internet Prophets and Gurus are making you feel disappointed with their false claims.

If you believe and trust them, and then quit, you will never going to make any money. You have to believe in yourself first! A leap of faith and persistence is what you need to go on and succeed! There are no experts in life, the only expert l know is YOU! Little by little you will learn the basics and you will start making some money. If you insist and pursue your goals, you find the way to make $ 1000 a day!

Keep in mind that before a $ 1000 a day is a $ 100 a day and $ 500 a day! There are no shortcuts in internet.


The Secret To Make $ 1000 A Day


So after all that, do you still want to make $ 1000 a day? If the answer is yes, then congratulations my friend! You just got scammed! Click on the link below to see why:

Make $ 1000 a day with Google Ad Sense Money Generator 


YOU: The Only Guru

As a final thought, l would like to remind you that the only guru is YOU! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything, if you are clueless, what it matters is how badly you want it. If you want it real bad, then master the basics, learn internet marketing, keep touching new things and be the expert. Position yourself as an expert in your niche and do whatever it takes to be an expert! That is the real success secret!



P.S. l hope you got the message, l told you the truth because l love you, and l give away my e-book Super Affiliate Marketing  for FREE!

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how l make 1000 a day with google ad sense

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  1. Very nice article, l was wondering if you can really make money with ad sense. l heard a lot of stories, l am thinking to start blogging as a part time income making activity and l would like to know from your personal experience.

    How much money does a blogsite makes in the first month? Can l amke for example $500 a month with ad sense? Do you recommend any other advertising netwroks apart from google adsense?

    thank you

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