How does sewer camera inspection work?

How does sewer camera inspection work?

Sewer camera inspection. When a sewer line is clogged, the first move that is required immediately is to call the professionals technicians of sewer company Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου to perform an unblocking (blockage) in order for the house or business to continue to function properly. After opening the clogged duct, an additional cleaning can be performed so that the duct is delivered unblocked and very clean.

However, there are some cases where it is necessary to check the sewerage network before the application or during the blockage process. For example, if a small plush doll has completely blocked the siphon or some rubble or soil has blocked the flow of water and sewage or the sewer pipe is broken due to damage (or misuse) and water leaks causing floods, humidity, and poor conditions hygiene then the following questions automatically arise:

  1. At what point in the sewer is the obstacle?
  2. What is the obstacle that makes obstruction so difficult?
  3. Where has the pipe subsided?
  4. At what point does a broken pipe “lose”?
  5. Where should we dig if it is required to change the pipes by the plumber?

All of these questions are answered by the obstruction camera (obstruction diagnostic camera or drainage control camera or obstruction camera). Whatever name you hear it called, the obstruction camera is one of the greatest achievements of technology in the field of obstruction.

The use of sewer camera inspection

The use of a camera in the sewer has a purely diagnostic character and is a different task from obstruction. Unlike many other technical problems of a different type that a technician is called upon to repair (such as a cracked wall), the sewer has the peculiarity that its fault is hidden in the pipes and of course is not visible. Thus the camera covers the insurmountable difficulty of visual contact with the problem, offering great help in the final task of blocking and/or cleaning.

Many problems in our sewers are located deep inside the pipes and are difficult to be seen by the human eye. If it is difficult to detect with the usual machines used extensively in the sewerage networks, our technicians can organize a diagnosis with a CCTV camera inside the pipes to visually inspect the blockage and to be able to diagnose the problem accurately.

How does sewer camera inspection work?

The camera diagnosis used in every sewer system allows our specialized technicians to see what is causing the blockages, leaks, and other common problems much faster and at a significantly lower cost.

Camera blockage control is one of the most popular tasks as it avoids useless digging and dramatically reduces financial waste.

In more detail, the high-definition camera is inserted inside the piping and we locate with absolute accuracy the point that causes the problem and the disturbance. The camera with the proper handling of our technician penetrates into the sewer system, inside the piping, in order to locate exactly where the obstacles are, possible breaks, pipe subsidence, tree roots, and everything else that contributes to the creation of a bad situation.

Following the path of the piping, the camera provides us with a high definition of a complete picture of what is inside them. Everything that happens inside them is recorded and captured on the screen, in a photo or video.

The benefits of the sewer camera inspection

Once upon a time, assessing and diagnosing problems in your sewer system was a difficult task as it required work that involved digging and huge disruption as well as large sums of money. Fortunately, today’s technology has provided an innovative way to eliminate the need for extra work. The high-definition camera. Read below some of the benefits of sewer camera.

  • There is no disturbance and chaos.
  • Proper control, location of the problem, and detailed and clear images.
  • Diagnoses are made immediately without any delay.
  • It is possible to fully control the pipes.
  • Cracks and broken pipes are located as well as subsidence of parts of the pipeline.
  • The water tightness and the “holding” of the piping joints are checked.
  • The camera helps to locate the groundwater and the roots in the network. So we will be able to remove them with the right tools.
  • Much lower cost than traditional sewer assessment methods.
  • Save time and money.
  • Avoid hypothetical scenarios that can create unpleasant psychological situations, such as nerves and stress.
  • You can watch the digital recording calmly so that together with your technician you can decide how to repair the possible damage to your sewer.
  • Digital recording can also be used as evidence of the cause of the damage. Either for the insurance company or for any other legal use.
  • We are also able to use the camera when you want to buy a new home. We can map the sewer network of the “home to buy” so that you are aware of any defects before proceeding with the purchase.

We commit to giving you excellent services and results

The common causes that we need to block and create difficult issues in the sewers are due to tree roots, papers, food, fats, hairs, leaves, various objects.

The camera we use for diagnosis is the latest technology. It allows us to identify the sewer problem and offer a quick solution in minutes. Due to our many years of experience in performing camera diagnostics, we always locate the exact location that creates the problem to ensure a smooth flow.

Camera diagnostics provide detailed and accurate information about the problem you are experiencing. The diagnostic camera ensures that accurate information is provided to identify the problem in the most cost-effective solution.

This way we can have a clear picture and we know exactly how the problem will be fixed. In previous years when the diagnostic camera was not available to anyone, plumbers were forced to dig and create a bad and stressful situation.

We have at our disposal the latest technology. It can give you more options, faster diagnosis, faster recovery to protect your health and your property. The work of the drainage control with a camera can be scheduled with appointments except for emergencies and emergencies.

We promise that your home and business will receive the care and attention they deserve. We insist on courtesy, impeccable service, and a commitment to keeping your space clean and tidy.

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