Greece Debt Free Cancelled 2,5 Billion Euros Debt in One Month!

Who is Greece Debt Free?

Greece Debt Free (GDF)  is a unique non-profit  patriotic organization. It is non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit. GDF is fully transparent and operates under the laws of the State of Delaware. Greece Debt Free is completely transparent, that is the main reason that operates under the laws of the State of Delaware, avoiding the Greek Buraucracy and the political influence.

GDF has not employees, it is directed by volunteers and Pro Greek Patriots, while its operational costs are nil. The most important achievement is the reduction by €2.5 billion if the Greek Debt in the first month of its operation! The Greek Debt is only €280 Billions, it’s not big since the American debt is touching the startling $15 Trillions!

How it works?

Take action and get organized, you can use this piggy back marketing method to help Greece repay its debt. You can use the social media to spread the message or even to join the GDF campaign with your own products and services. Since there are 16 million Greeks all over the world, you have a very profitable niche to penetrate in!

How the Discounted Bond Work

Greece Debt Free gathers private donations and then uses the money to buy bonds, some of which go for as little as 13 cents on the dollar. If you are a US citizent this go even lower, for as little as 10 cents per dollar. It’s been said that each Greek owes about24,800 euros (approximately $30,000). But with the discounted bonds, that debt can be reduced to 3,000 euros (just under $3,700) per person, according to Mr. Peter Nomikos, the Founder of GDF!

His story is covered by the Media world wide, including Bloomberg, Spiegel, Wall Street Journal andthe largest chinese speaking channel NextTV.

To help the reduction and abolition of the Greek Debt simply go to GDF homepage!

l always believed in the common purpose and the common needs tha tevery human has. Don’t forget that we are all from the same race and we need the same things in life. If you would like to involve more and help GDF more, please build a branch on your country!  GDF wants branches in each country and GDF is working towards that starting with the US. Keep in mind that a branch does not mean a full organization but groups of people who want to support GDF. Each dispora community can organize as it sees fit. It’s the people who believe in the idea that can make all the difference!

The Founder of GDF

Peter Nomikos, is the Founder and Creator of non profit charity Greece Debt Free Inc. It is a Business Person and his is from the island of Santorini, Greece. Peter Nomicos is a young shipping heir whose family helped turn the Greek island of Santorini into a tourist hot spot is trying to help Greece dig out of its massive debt by asking average Greeks to chip in. It is also co-creator of the beer Volkan and Vice-President of Thera Organization. Anothet non-profit charity for the promotion of Greek Archaenlogy, geology and art history. Even from the start of the Greek debt crisis, Peter Nomikos has been focused on the developement of this strategies and tools that will help the Greek economy to recover.

To help the reduction and abolition of the Greek Debt simply go to GDF homepage!