Free MLSP Training

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Free MLSP Training

1. Authority Content Profit System

FREE 12 Minute Video Reveals How You Can Instantly Create Your Must-Have Celebrity “Guru-Status” with PROVEN “Done-for-You” Articles that Get YOU Noticed, Get YOU Leads, and Get YOU Paid, ALL ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!

It’s a 3 Step Simple Process:

STEP 1: Let the “Gurus” write your articles that market YOUR products, services, affiliate programs, and businesses, all of which brand YOU as the expert.

STEP 2: Follow ONE short & simple syndication video. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED!



2. Live the dream DVD

This is just a fraction of what you’re about to learn…

The “Speed-Gap” equation that leads to instant product creation, fast Joint Venture partners, and quantum monetary growth in your business.

The “backdoor way” to advertise on massive high traffic, highly targeted sites like,, the Wall Street Journal, and many more for pennies per click.

The SLLG Formula Revealed: our very simple formula to get paid for every single lead you generate online.

Perpetually get paid over, and over, and over again by doing what you’re already doing, but adding this 1 mystical (and simple) ingredient.

How to become a FaceBook marketing rockstar and get loads of leads and fans on any budget.

How to NEVER call a lead ever again and produce 3x the results (your sponsor will FREAK OUT, so you’ll want to keep this one on the down-low)

Design a system for the mental, emotional, and physical fortitude it takes to follow through with your action plan!

How to attract a crowd on ANY social media platform and PUSH them into your capture pages. (Never have a lead generation problem again)

How to recruit anyone into any company like a $50,000+ PER MONTH EARNER does with his business.

The massively overlooked way to create synergy within your team and build unlimited levels of duplication.

How to persuade people to do whatever you want, even when they don’t’ want to be persuaded, all through the magic of copywriting.

And so much, much more…


3. Live the dream Event!

Get on the “Live the Dream 3″ waiting list, be the first to get LTD3 updates, and buy your Pre-Sale tickets NOW before this event sells out!


4. Master Sponsoring Series

FREE Dangerously Effective 89 Minute Webinar Reveals…

“How a Real Estate guy in Foreclosure Sponsored 28 People in 21 Days at a Minimum $500 Buy-In, and Today Regularly Enjoys Multiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income Thanks to this #1 Skill-Set You Can Master Starting Today…”

Uncover His Best-Kept Sponsoring Secrets That Can Make You a Fortune!



5. Posting On Purpose

“Discover the Iron-Clad Scientific Formula for You to Easily Make $100,000 (or More!) with Your business in 12 Months (or Less!)”

The fastest (and easiest) way to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your leads in 5 minutes or less!

How to Make BIG MONEY online even if you don’t have a website (Fact: you don’t need a website to get rich online).

Uncover the simple 5-step marketing system that has never failed, EVER, to get thousands of BUYERS to your content overnight for free!



6. Predatory Seo Marketing

“Increase Your Traffic by 9x or More, Rake in an Unlimited Amount of Laser-Targeted Fresh Leads Daily, and Print Cash Whenever You Want by Using this Simple, Proprietary, Proven ‘SEO System’ that FORCES Google to Give You First Page Rankings Fast…

This Proprietary, Proven, Predatory SEO Marketing System is Guaranteed to Work for Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Network Marketing to Rank Your Content, Get Leads, Build a List, and Make Money!

This 100% Fool-Proof Proven SEO Plan will Set Your Business on Fire, and you will finally get to Live the Lifestyle that you were promised when you first got started online!

$200 VALUE

Module 1: Internet Marketing 101

In this module you will discover the foundational basics upon which you will build a solid, profitable internet empire. Flesh out the differences between paid search and organic search and gain a crystal-clear picture of why most of your early efforts have not produced a profitable result… and how to turn that around starting today!

$200 VALUE

Module 2: Predatory SEO System Overview

Explode your traffic, leads and sales. That’s the goal of this module, plain and simple. You will map out exactly where you want your business to be in the next 6 to 12 months, and we will dive deep into the simple 5-step process that will take you there, period. Nothing is left to chance, no stone is left unturned.

$200 VALUE

Module 3: Money-Making Marketing Research

If you sell hotdogs, the most productive thing you can do to find a hungry crowd. In this module, together we are going to find your hungry crowd again, and again, and again. You will uncover multiple income opportunities and multiple ways to attract a flash flood of ready-to-do-business buyers, literally overnight.

$200 VALUE

Module 4: Ready, AIM, Fire!

If a predator does not hunt, the predator dies. It’s time to go hunting, and your prey is the competition already banking the majority of what is soon to be YOUR leads and YOUR sales. It’s time to dominate your competition, get greedy, and prepare to take much more than your fair share.

$200 VALUE

Module 5: How to Feed a Search Engine to Get Fat

The fastest, easiest way to get what you want (more traffic, leads and sales) is to give the search engines exactly what they want. Feed the search engine giants this simple 7-course meal and you win on time, every time. Oh, and if you forget this element, you might as well forget everything.

$200 VALUE

Module 6: It’s Time to Dominate

The only way to grow market share online is to take market share away from your competition… and to the victor go ALL the spoils. Take no prisoners. You get in, get out, and get on about the business of living your life in style. It’s time to win each battle and scale up for ultimate victory.

$200 VALUE

Module 7: Shhh… Seriously! Shhh…

How to build an impenetrable hedge of protection against all marauders, misfits and misfortune that may come your way. SECURE your business and you SECURE YOUR FUTURE. What is hidden inside this module is absolutely priceless and is worth more to your business than the price of this course!


7. Social Media Mastery

FREE TRAINING VIDEO Shows How This FaceBook Queen Built Her 6-Figure Business in 6 months, Retired Her Husband from a Healthy Corporate America Salary, and Signed up 32 Reps in the Last 50 Days at a $500.00 Buy-In ALL via FaceBook Marketing!

The #1 reason 97% FAIL on Facebook and waste thousands of dollars on FaceBook with no results, and how to avoid this deadly pitfall before you even get started. CRITICAL! (at 11 min 50 sec. in this video)

You MUST avoid this mistake at-all-costs WHATEVER YOU DO do IF you are lucky enough to get a “wild” ad approved (at 15 min 42 sec in this video)

The ONLY thing you should be saying in your ad to ensure you get your ads APPROVED – THIS IS HUGE! (at 17 min 27 sec in this video)

The 5 BEST things you can do with your fans to create a loyal legion of fans that will follow you to the death! (at 18 min 54 sec in this video)

The easiest, fastest, and simplest way to get your fans to opt-in to your capture pages, which means BIG money for you! (at 25 min 01 sec in this video)

How to use FaceBook to win affiliate contests in 48 hours with 3 simple steps involving Landing Tabs (at 27 min 20 sec in this video)

How to get 31 fans and generate 10 leads in ONE HOUR using this stupid-simple (and viral) strategy (at 30 min 41 sec in this video)

How to use “Sponsored LIKE Ads” and “Status Ads” to get .01 click-thru rates and crazy-cheap, laser-targeted leads 24×7 on autopilot! (at 39 min 19 sec in this video)

Plus countless other gold nuggets that you can implement into FaceBook to make money starting today… for FREE!



8. Tribal Syndication Domination

“How A College Drop-Out and A Corporate America Screw-Up Now Get 1000′s of FREE Website Visitors, Instantaneously Build 2,418 Back-Links with ZERO Effort, and Scientifically Discovered a Way To Quadruple Your Affiliate Commissions in Under 100 Days!”



9. Video Marketing Traffic Decrypted

Average guy “cracks the code” and gets 30 leads per day FOR FREE from YouTube, and will show you how you can too!