The first dating site I ever post my real profile

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The first dating site I ever post my real profile

Hi folks, today in this very very different personal post, l will reveal that l used to post ads on dating sites. One dating site in Greece is Kinky Secret and as you can notice is an adult dating website.

l think online dating is as good as normal dating plus some disadvantages and advantages online dating has.

One of the disadvantages is that you cannot see the full picture of the other candidate, you cannot smell her or him and as a result you may have bad judgment about her.

Many times l misjugjed people, gilrs and women especially when l was in a rush to find a new girlfriend or a new sex buddy just to do something on my spare time.

Why l used a dating site?

l saw Ashley Madison on a promotional web ad on another website about dating, l think it was a dating blog and l thought maybe l should give it a try.

Ashley Madison seemed to be very persuasive about the results you could have, about instant dating etc.

l fed up with facebook, instagram and the other social media and Ashley Madison seemed to be an oasis of a sex friend finder. Many profiles seemed real -acutally they were not- and l paid for a 3 month subscription.

The site was and it still is a crap. l don’t know what happens in North America or UK, but in Greece, none of the girls profiles were real, all fake and fake bots that send you some messages now and then.

l felt deceived and l gave up the site subscription and l never complained or asked for a refund.

The same experience l had with baddoo website as well.

Baddoo is importing the profile pictures from facebook and it seems quite real but nodoby sees you or sends you a message. A bot takes care to persuade you to start a paid subscription with the promise to find a real girl.

My advice is to stop using online dating sites, only professional escorts are using these websites, and to get our to socialize!

See my post about Santorini to see why.




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