day 23 how to sponsor 2 reps a day and have 100 duplication

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Day 23 – How To Sponsor 2 Reps A Day And Have 100% Duplication!

July 3, 2012 |


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How To Sponsor 2 Reps A Day And Have 100% Duplication!

Are you nuts? How is that possible?It is and l will prove to you through superstar sponsoring! What is superstar sponsoring? Superstar sponsoring is to get paid to sponsor new people, while you are sleeping, going to the gym or on vacation. It is fully automated! Its passive and its for life! Imagine having generate a fifty new laser targeted leads per day! And they duplicate a hundred per cent! This gives you online passive income! You have the people calling and you don t have never to call a lead again. They call you and asking you for more! literally they beg you to enroll in your Opportunity. You are a people magnet like a superstar!

But this wasn t my reality. No l was not born rich or with the midas touch. life was not so tender with me. l was struggling for years and l was flipping businesses in every here and while. l couldn t find something that l liked and l would be committed to.

At a period of 6 months l sponsored 16 new reps in my primary Business Opportunity and l just had a team of 40 people using the old school prospecting method, this method drove me crazy and led to nothing for me, for my business and for my social life! My life was ruined. Then l came across the idea of attraction marketing. Instead of pushing the people away as l done before, l started pulling to me like a magnet. What l have done? Exactly the opposite of the company s system. All what your company says if you are in the network marketing industry, is garbage. It works for them, but not for you! But why? Why the traditional product based network marketing systems don t work?

It s simple. Simple human psychology. Would you ever trust a supermarket for your education? Would you trust an e-commerce site for your medical advice? How about your success in life and business?

Modern Network marketing business are just a new version of super markets! They get paid because they deliver products to you. They are product based and simply products don;t change people! The best vitamins in the world can t make you more clever, more capable or even more sexy! They simply cannot. If they would , then we could simply make more money by buying an expensive car or a luxury home! DOes this really happens? Yes, in real the opposite happens! You buy an expensive car and you find yourself deeply in debt, you move to a new home and your mortgage is more than the money you make! The proper sequence is success first and money will follow. Not more money to have success! That is the problem with the product based network marketing companies! They just want you to make money only by using their products. Thats it! Nothing More and nothing else!


The secret behind the most life changing event in my life.

The secret of life changing events are simple. Look at the mirror! Every day, stop blaming others, stop blaming yourself, just ask How can l sign up two new reps today? Don t go to sleep untill you do so. My first day took my 16 hours after two months of hard computer working.

The second 12, and now sponsoring comes at a speed of light this is superstar sponsoring. Start doing this and you thoughts will become your past! Have a nice Blogging day!

To join me in the inner circle and learn more about How To Sponsor 2 Reps A Day And Have 100% Duplication click here.

To your success,


John Divramis

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day 23 how to sponsor 2 reps a day and have 100 duplication

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John Ioannis Divramis is an online marketing specialist and Home Business Owner. Is an MBA holder, but his academic background has not helped him to achieve the success in his profesional life. The previous 12 years he had changed over 12 professions and trades and he has done more than 8 businesses till now.
As he claims, this online business opportunity is exactly the perfect business that he have been waiting the last 9 years.

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