Day 18 – The Best Book l Read About Internet Marketing

Day 18 – The Best Book l Read About Internet Marketing

Hello Folks! Day 18 today and l want to share with you some thoughts l have on a book l read yesterday. It is called MLM Affiliate Magic and is about network marketing, affiliate marketing, boomerang sponsoring, attraction sponsoring and human relationships.

l have read many marketing books in my whole life including the number one marketing book of the Marketing Guru Phillip Kottler. Dr kottler has done amazing job especially in the academic field. But it is quite heavy to study it as it has more than 1000 pages! How do you want to be a guru? At the university l went in London there was l teacher her name was Branchighton and her Principles of Marketing book she wrote was more than 1400 pages! Poor marketing students! And one of them was me, having to study so many pages!

You don t need to study thousand of pages to conquer marketing. MLM Affiliate Magic has approximately a hundred pages with dense marketing secrets. It is a step by step guide to the fast lane and on how to become a top earner in your company.

Boomerang Sponsoring

If you ve ever wondered how some people are able to fast track their way to the top in any MLM business these days, you can sum it up in two simple words; BOOMERANG SPONSORING . The goal of this book is to explain to you in detail how Boomerang Sponsoring works, why it works, and how you can use this strategy to build your own MLM Empire. But what exactly is boomerang sponsoring?

Boomerang Sponsoring System is how to go through the exact same steps that a Top Income Earner does – starting with BRANDING YOURSELF FIRST and learning MLM TARGET MARKETING techniques.

We call these strategies YOU FIRST BRANDING and BOOMERANG SPONSORING and once you learn these two strategies, your world as you know it in the network marketing industry will never be the same again.

So does mine! l am astonished with this new concept of attraction marketing! l spend 15 years of my life without ever learning Real Marketing. It is a huge difference between Marketing in general and real marketing.

Please keep in mind: The purpose of this book is NOT to knock traditional network marketers or their business building techniques. Is about to build your personal branding through real marketing such as video marketing, blogging, article writing and offering real value to the people. People are willing to follow you not because you are in a big mlm company, but because of You!

In order to be a Top Income Earner in MLM affiliate marketing, the very first thing you will need to understand is MLM target marketing. We refer to target marketing as the basic building block for any business both MLM and conventional business. Why?
With Target Marketing you know exactly who your market is and you attract them to call you. That is the real concept of the book. By using this technique, sponsoring will be fun, and there is no more pleasure in life if you don t have pleasure with your job, profession or business! You don t have to cold call anyone any more! Stop interrupting people, embarrassing them or pitching them!

Play with the big boys in the real marketing evolution!