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Day 67 – Article Marketing Benefits

August 15, 2012 |


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Article Marketing Benefits

Article writing if done properly, could have some other extra article marketing benefits for the author. As an expert author and an active member in many article writing blog communities. I want to let you know that the goal of article marketing is to provide good quality content, some excellent reader experience and to give solutions to some customer problems. 
If you run a blog and you want some targeted audience, article marketing is ideal for you, if your blog is content based.

Today I want to give you a brief overview of the underlying benefits of article marketing in general. l personally see eight major benefits:

Article Marketing Benefit 1: CopyWriting – What are you interested in writing about?  What is your niche or passion? By writing articles you will develop your copywriting skills or your copyblogging skills. You will improve your general writing, your readers experience and you will write better sales letters. This will have a positive effect on your conversion rates.


Article Marketing Benefit  2: Branding – Although article directories don’t allow overtly promotional content  which nobody likes to read anyways, they give you a ton of opportunity to brand yourself, your company or your website via you profile.   As with anything, the more value you offer someone, the better your personal brand.  You can use your content and the large network of readers and writers on article marketing as a stepping stone for brand creation, recognition and improvement.


Article Marketing Benefit  3: Target Audience –Article writing is a good tools for target audience development.  If you have 500 followers which is a quite big audience and you submit an article , 500 people are instantly acknowledged of your new content.  That is the potential for an instant 500 visitors to your article or to your blog.

 Article Marketing Benefit  4: Communication – If you love discussing a topic and communicating with like-minded people, article directories is a wonderful medium for this.  Conversations are happening now and response rate is great. Some article directories like Streetarticles allow the interaction between the author and the audience. They have developed a clever token system that you can ask questions directly to the author of the article.

Article Marketing Benefit  5: Relationships – People don’t read when they are not engaged or don’t feel related.  Not in their free time anyways.  With article marketing you are opening yourself up to a lot of engagement within the community of new and active authors and readers, along with the daily influx of new readers.
You can build relationships with other authors, other bloggers and meet people from your audience. Usually this kind of people have the same interests with you.

Article Marketing Benefit  6: Learning – Maybe you are reading this and you prefer to absorb information.  As an independent authoring network, article directories attracts all types of content, from product based, information based, controversial, to pure opinion articles.  The topic set is very wide range and if you hang out for a bit every day, you are going to learn some new information definitely.

Article Marketing Benefit  7: Traffic generation – Getting traffic is an important aspect of article writing.  Since articles get ranked so quickly in Google, you can take advantage of popular news items or high traffic keywords and get good rankings and long term traffic as a result. Bear in mind that most of the article directories are high ranked in google and have a high page ranking.

In most article directories you are allowed two links to your website within each article and this can lead to a good deal of traffic. Also you can bookmark you articles with twitter or other bookmarking services and to send them in other social bookmarking networks.

Article Marketing Benefit  8 : Monetization – Lastly, the traffic from article directories represents money.  This could drive an entire business or could supplement your existing online income.  You can earn through your blog or site in which you drive people to.  On your site you could earn money through various offers, affiliate programs, ad revenue, network marketing, work from home offers, e-books, amazon kindle and ebay auctions.


Popular Article Directories

The most popular article directories l use to post articles are:





Also some article alike but blog style platforms are:


Hubpages and

Empower Network which is a paid service and offer a unique affiliate program with 100% commissions.


And lastly before I leave you today, I want to let you know of the best way to get help with any questions you have in regards to your article directories or you want to keep up with the latest blogging tips and news, visit my contact page.


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article marketing benefit

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