Are The Guru Days Over?

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Day 41- Are The Guru Days Over?

July 21, 2012 |


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Are The Guru Days Over?

Hello Folks! How are you doing today? l was listening to a recorded audio from David Wood, the Guru killer about the guru strategies and the personal strategies to success.

Many people when they are new in network marketing or in affiliate marketing or in any other form of business that has to do with marketing, are being bombarded from their gurus, their upline to do things the way it worked for them. Some guru people are making cold calling, are going out to the malls and pitching people and that it was really the way they succeed!

When they ask them for advice and what to do, they simply tell you their magic formula. Why? Because this formula worked for them very well.  Will their formula work for you? l don’t know, maybe. My personal experience is that in 90% will not work for you!

Guru Marketing Systems

There are a thousand marketing success systems out there.

1. Three way calls

2. Leaflets

3. Cold calling

4. Hotel Meeting

5. Teleseminars

6. Blogging

7. Email Marketing

8. Webinars

9. Drop Cards

10. Classified Ads

11. Guest Blogging

12. Article writing

13. Comment Blogging

14. Forum Commenting

15. Social Media

16. Twitter Advertising

17. Pay Per Click Advertising

18. Banner advertising

19. Organic traffic

20. Postcards

l don’t want to tire you, but you can find thousands methods and systems. When l started with Amway in 2002 in 18 months l sponsored only 2 people! My upline was building his business down to my downline and l had in a 12 months period a team of 20 people, but l never made more than a $100! in a month! Despite the fact that we had as they said the best network system in the world, this system didn’t worked for me! Do you feel related?

Find Your Way to Success!

But the true innovators in this industry are people who love what they do and they never grow old doing it!

Instead of trying to find the guru franchise style method and spend your life working on this, find your personal style. Do what you love most and you will succeed with your own path to success. To tell you the truth about our industry you are getting paid only when you sell products or services, or sponsoring new people who will make a turnover. There are only these two ways to get paid in network or in internet marketing, no matter where, it is the same.

To find your true path to success, you need to find what you like most which of the guru strategies makes you excited, and when you follow them you lose the sense of time. If you ever found yourself in this creating flow of energy, then this is the working formula for you. Bear in mind that there is not any magic formula in a box! Don’t be franchised!

Call to Action!

What l want from you to do now,  are the following:

1. Start with the finish in mind. Sit down and write your goals and your main goals Write the ideal situation for you in one year, in five and in ten years. Visualize how it will be when you will reach your goal. For example: l am opening my computer to my new nice paint home office, and l check my emails form the primary company site and they tell me l just sponsored yesterday 6 new reps with the top package. l feel relief, money is flowing into my pockets and into my bank account. l can’t  imagine how easy this was! Think as an abundant person.

2. Write down the resources you need to succeed and you don’t have yet. Write down what you need to learn, what new traits you need to have to make it happen. What kind of team you need to reach your outcome? Do you need a master mind team? Note that every big successful team started with a mastermind team of 5-10 people.

3. Overcome the money objection. Find the real objection of the people. Help yourself to overcome the money objection and the people to overcome the money objection. Write down 50 ways to overcome the money problem to join a new opportunity. Do the same with the people you find and they tell you they don’t have money.

4 Find your vision. Step one is to start with the finish in mind. Here is to create your vision. Our ideal way of life. Our ideal partner if we don’t have one and our ideal self! For example: l sit on my Mykonos Villas apartment, sipping ice coffee, socializing with the people, enjoying the beautiful view from the veranda, l open my laptop and see the commission growing. l have 8 different passive online income streams and still growing. l have the time to enjoy life, work from every place in the world l want and  help other people do the same.

-John Divramis

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Are The Guru Days Over?

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