About Me

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About Me

Hi!  my name is John Ioannis Divramis!

My journey in the marketing industry started many years ago back in the year 2002 when I met with a gentleman at a home lounge for a home presentation about a home business income opportunity.

From there I always had a passion for the industry and the business of helping other people succeed. l love Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Home Business.

l am currently an Internet Marketer a Home Business Owner and recently an Author. l am an MBA holder, but my academic background has never helped me to achieve the success l would dream and expect in my professional life. The previous 12 years l had changed over 12 professions and trades and l have done more than 8 businesses until now.

As l claim, my online business opportunity with the John Divramis Internet Business Blog is exactly the perfect business that l have been waiting over the last 10 years.

My Passion

l love sports very much, but my real passion is wrestling.  I love wrestling because is a mind game. People think that has to do with power and stamina, but it s not all about that. Is a very technical sport and needs high concentration and mind power as long as it needs body power to fight.


MyMissionin life is humble and simple, to help other 100 people to become successful through my online programs l offer. To produce 100 virtual millionaires through the internet the next three years, in every part of the world. If you feel connected with my mission, then join one of my online enterprises and start to make money instantly.

They can succeed in Affiliate Marketing, in Internet Marketing, or in Home Business. Please gain access to my free online coaching program l offer and start making money from home now!

 l offer free tips and advice, plus the best e-book about affiliate marketing, Super Affiliate Marketing for free!

Start making money online from home now!

Connect With Me

Connect with me in my blog www.divramis.com and the other social media.

About Me

John Ioannis Divramis 

Direct: +30.6972364387


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My Opportunity

If you would like to see my online opportunity, just visit this site and give you name and best email to get in and take the full information that may change your life! Please only hustlers are accepted, no wussies!

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Work With Me

If you want to work with me just apply here to qualify for a free online chat to know each.

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P.S. As l said only hustlers are accepted, no wussies! However all applications will be taken into consideration, as l respect every personality.



l hope you got the message and you really want to join me to live life and pursue our dreams in the beaches of the world! Starting from Greece! l hope you can manage to come this summer! Hurry up!