15 mistakes that men make at sex


Let’s be honest. Women enjoy sex as much as men, many times maybe more, Athens Escorts say. But in order for sex to be good, the partner must also be suitable, otherwise no matter how hard we try, we will never reach the climax. Most men may think they have it, but we women will judge it, because most of the time they make a lot of mistakes and all the magic is lost. In the article that follows you will see some things that men do in bed and make us angry. I am sure that you have experienced many of them or will experience them at some point in your sex life.

Mistake 1

The goal is only penetration. He can light up in seconds, but not so with you. The female body is full of erogenous zones waiting for the male touch to discover them. Because if he does not discover them, then you will surely find them yourself….

Mistake 2

He asks you to put on his condom. No. How clear can it be? Big boy is let him wear it alone.

Mistake 3

When it bites your nipple hard. The breast is one of the many erogenous zones that a woman has, but she also wants the appropriate treatment, especially when she is irritated. I think at this point you have to intervene and explain to him that you are human and in pain.

Mistake 4

When he thinks wood is sexy. A small bump is not bad and can sometimes irritate you. But if he starts to overdo it, it’s best to stop him before you slap him in the face with your nerves.

Mistake 5

When she insists on having sex in the morning. It’s not that you do not want to, but it is that sometimes you feel that you have to brush your teeth, to pour a little water on your face. To freshen up a bit. You are a woman and it makes sense to want to look beautiful even if you have just woken up.

Mistake 6

When the moment you reach orgasm, he changes posture. At this point words are useless…

Mistake 7

When he puts his fingers where he finds them. You should probably explain to him that you are not a musical instrument.

Mistake 8

When it always works according to a plan. Maybe the first time what he did worked and you reached orgasm. But the saying “Repetition, mother of all learning” does not seem to apply in this case. If every time you have sex he does exactly the same thing, it is probably time to put your imagination to work, because he has run out of ideas.

Mistake 9

When he tries to remove your underwear with his teeth. But is it possible? In the movies it may or may not have happened.

Mistake 10

When trying to make a stop that he has seen as a child in a project. He has to understand that in the movies they fall from the fourth floor and survive, but in real life it’s a little hard to happen.

You are constantly trying to show that you are not vulnerable More specifically, you do not express your feelings, your insecurities, your problems and your worries in order not to look weak. That’s why in the beginning sex was better, because it had passion, that is, emotion.

Mistake 11

Communication in a relationship is everything, so in sex. When you meet and do not talk but decide to be on social media it makes sense next to no chemistry in bed.

Mistake 12

If you constantly think that sex is not as it used to be and is not what you want, nothing will ever change. All you have to do is take action and let go.

Mistake 13

Last but not least, do not do everything the same. Experiment, learn from each other, say what everyone likes and have fun.

Mistake 14

They think they know how to satisfy women. Many people think that what they have learned to do in bed is enough to satisfy every woman who comes into their lives. This is wrong.

Female sexuality is complex and with each new sexual partner, men must explore from the beginning what pleases her and what does not.

Differences from woman to woman can be present in everything – from if and how much she wants in advance, to the duration of the love affair and her favorite attitudes.

Mistake 15

They think that sex does not depend on the relationship. Men often forget that sex is part of their relationship and that if it does not go well, the bed will suffer.

Experts say that women find it difficult to “open up” sexually with a partner with whom they do not feel emotionally secure, whatever the reason for their insecurity.

In other words, what you will do in bed today started yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week, when you did not take out the trash or fight over money.

In this context, you must also find the right time to have sex. Many women complain that men are constantly asking for them to have sex at the most inopportune moment – e.g. when they are tired or do not have time. So you have to learn to observe her to understand when she is in the mood for sex and when she is not.


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